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Code Name Image Price    
BS2e-bk-cd Stubbert - 2nd Collection + Music All Around bundle   $32.95
CCB2-CD Celtic Colours LIVE - Double CD   $20.00
CBFC-bk The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection   $19.50
WMSM-bk William Marshall's Scottish Melodies - book   $29.95
BKA-cd Kinnon and Andrea Beaton - CD   $19.50
KJFB-cd The Fairy Bridges, Josephine Keegan - CD   $19.95
JH1-CC_bk-cd Jerry Holland's Collection & Crystal Clear CD   $32.95
jh2-CC_bk-cd Jerry Holland: The 2nd Collection & Crystal Clear   $34.95
JH1-SW_bk-cd Jerry Holland's Collection & Session With CD   $32.95
JH2-FC_bk-cd Jerry Holland: the 2nd Collection & Fiddler's Choice   $34.95

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