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It is our intention to keep The Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series in print for the foreseeable future. With successive printings we correct whatever errors have been discovered.

Note corrections are made they will be posted on this page. Note this listing isn't comprensive as during the last 15 years many errors have already been corrected in various printings/ editions of our books.

Winston Fitzgerald - currently the 2nd edition is being assembled - Release date August 2005. Same tunes, new typesetting includes chords by Jerry Holland.

Copyright errors corrected in the 2005 edition
J. Murdoch Henderson's Tunes are copyright by Bayley and Ferguson, Glasgow (subsidiary of Kerr's Music). These tunes include:

James F. Dickie's Delight, Mrs. Charles Sutherland, The Mallard, Alex R. Findlay, James Scott Skinner (strathspey), J. Scott Skinner (reel), Charles Hardie (strathspey), Tarves Tripper, Alex Sandy Skinner, George I. Taylor, Nimble Fingers, North Country Style

Titles corrected in the 2005 edition

Tune #
corrected title
Previous title used
Alternate title used

Doug MacMaster's

Dan Sullivan's Favorite


The Rosewood Jig

The Rosebush Jig


The Maid of Bellevue

The Green Mountain Boys


The Green Mountain Boys

The Maid of Bellvue


Hartigan's Fancy

Traditional Jig


Garcon Volage

Favorite Flirtation

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