Published many times in early Scottish books without composer credit, hence its inclusion in The Cape Breton Scottish Collection. Further study has however made me conclude that the melody is Irish in origin. Compared to the Cape Breton setting previously presented, this arrangement alters the 2nd turn, both by removing some of the chromaticism and by accepting melodic influence from the books listed below. Like any traditional tune no setting is definitive.

i. J Brysson Collection, Edinburgh, c.1790, as Humours of Drogheda (Couty Louth). ii. Charles Duff Collection, 1792, as The Gobi. iii. Anderson's 2nd, 1793, as The Road to Droherdy (County Cavan?). iv. Airds Vol. 4, c.1794, as The Gobi O. v O'Farrell's Collection, c. 1804. vi. Kerr's Vol. 1, 1875. vii. Ryan's Mammoth 1883. viii. O'Neill's 1001 Gems, 1907 ix. Roche Collection , c. 1911. x. Howie MacDonald, A Few Tunes, LP, late 1980s.

Addenda - Compared to the The Cape Breton Scottish Collection this is an alternate setting with some added history. It will be will be added as a 2nd setting in future digital editions of this book.


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