from Wilfred Prosper,
from Traditional Fiddle Music of Cape Breton
Vol. 4, Bras d'Or House

Originally titled Mrs. Haswell's Favorite, and arranged as a slow solo strathspey this melody was published by the composer in 1795. A few years later the Gows published it in a more playable strathspey setting which, with minor alterations was been republished in Joseph Lowes Collection (1840s), Kerrs Vol. 3 and The Athole (both mid 1880s). The setting above adds an alternate ending (some of the flourishes from the original MacIntyre composition). In modern Scotland, a reel setting is currently circulating. (see Frisky Bob Cape Breton Scottish Collecton)

Wilfred Prosper recorded the tune on Traditional Fiddle Music of Cape Breton Vol. 3, Bras d'Or House.

The setting above ios a composite and it comes from The Cape Breton Scottish Collection

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