1850 Tunes (1903 edition)

O'Neill's Music of Ireland

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A lover of mild behavior

Costly were the robes

At midnight hour

On a dark and lonely strand

As we go about our work

Along with my love I'll go

A soldier to-night is our guest

As I roved out

Cold and rough the north wind blows

A sailor loved a farmers daughter

Alewoman, the

A stranger in cork

A place in thy memory dearest

As I roved out one morning

Achil air

Araby's daughter

A maid without a gown

An Irish lullaby

Arrah my dear Eveleen

Silent O Moyle!

Song of Finnula

A mother's lamentation

America lies far away

An hour before day

Ashtree grove, the

Apprentice boy, the

A bright morning

A bright evening

As through the wood I roamed

Advice, the

Arran air

Angels whisper



Black slender boy, 1st setting

Black slender boy, 2nd setting

Black slender boy, 3rd setting

Brown thorn, the, 1st setting

St. Senanus and the lady

Why do lovely virgins mourn?

The back is on the swelling shore

The sloe tree

Brown thorn, the, 2nd setting

Brown thorn, the, 3rd setting

Bright love of my heart

Barney O'Finnigan

Banks of the Blackwater

Blackeyed Susan, 1st setting

Blackeyed Susan, 2nd setting

Bog blossom, the

Bold soldier boy

Brave volunteers

Boys of Wexford

Brink of the white rocks, 1st setting

The West's asleep

The lament for the Milesians

Brink of the white rocks, 2nd setting

Burnt old man, 1st setting

Georgie, the dotard

Burnt old man, 2nd setting

Burnt old man, 3rd setting Barley grain

The frost and snow began to blow

Billy Byrne of Ballymanus

Bonnie bunch of roses

Banks of Banna

When through life unblest we roam

Molly asthore

Shepherds, I have lost my love

Had I a heart for falsehood framed

Oh! nevermore

Banshees' cry

How oft has the banshee cried?

The dear black maid

Bright black rose

Brown maid

Oh! touch, dear maid, that string

Oh! breathe not his name

Brownhaired boy

Boys in the gap

Bonnie laboring boy

The hat my father wore

Off to Carlow I will go

Blackbird, the, 1st setting

Blackbird, the, 2nd setting

Blackbird, the, 3rd setting

Boys of Carrigallen

Black-lettered list


Bride of Malahide

Battle eve

Contented I am

Thy welcome, O'Leary

Down in the meadow

Brian, the brave

Boyne water

Song of the volunteers

The cavalcade of the Boyne

Native swords

As vanquished Erin

Boy of my heart

Burns' farewell

Bold deserter

Banks of the Shannon

Banks of Lough Foyle

Bay of Biscay O!

Blow the candle out

Boy from the top of the world

Boys of Glanlough

Beside a silvery stream

Bard of Armagh

Phelim Brady

By the brookside

Bright love of my heart

Blood-red rose

To daunton me

Bantry lasses

Banks of the Barrow

Banks of Claudy

Beautiful Mary McKeon

Brown mallet




Blueeyed maid

Blackhaired darling, 1st setting

Love and the novice

The old Jew

The Irish round

Blackhaired darling, 2nd setting

Blackthorn stick

Boys from Kerry

Bird alone, the

Bold dragoon

Blackhaired girl

Buttercups and daisies

Banks of the Suir

Bush on the hill

Banks of Dunmore

Banquet, the

Bashful lover

Black Matthew

Biddy is my darling

Bandon bridge, 1st setting

Bandon bridge, 2nd setting

Boys from Mullingar

If ever you marry

Bend of the river

Beside the white rocks



Catholic boys

Castle of Dromore

Coolin, with variations

Though the last glimpse of Erin

In this calm sheltered villa

Oh! hush the soft sigh

The lady of the desert


The Cumberland's Crew

Chanter's tune

Crossing the stream

Caves of Cong

Charming Mary O'Neill

Come back to Erin

Croppy boy, the

Chieftain, the

Castle Hyde

Let others breathe in glowing words

Charming fair maid

Cruiskeen lawn

O'Sullivan's return

The men of '82

Count not the hours

Church of Dromore

Catherine Tyrrell, 1st setting

O! blame not the bard

Catherine Tyrrell, 2nd setting

Come along with me

Celia O'Gara

The Kilruddery hunt

Oh! had we some bright little isle

Charles McHugh

Curse the laws that gave me cause

Croppy tailor

Curly locks

Cup of gold

Castle Donovan

Christmas Eve

Charles O'Reilly

Cock and hen

Celia Connellan



Dark woman of the glen

Down by the river side

Dear Irish boy

Dawning of the day

Dear black cow

Colly, my cow

The peasant's grief Do you remember that night?

Sunny Glenagh

Down by the old mill

Dear little shamrock

Down at the seaside

Down among the ditches


Drimoleague fair

Deception, the

Do you mistrust me?

Down by the ocean tide

Dark maiden of the valley

Dark girl dressed in blue

Daniel O'Daly

Denis, don't be threatening

The fairies' dwelling

Nay, tell me not dear

Death and the sinner, 1st setting

The night of my wake

Cold in my coffin

Death and the sinner, 2nd setting

Dark Loughnagar

Downhill of life

Dissipated youth

Devil take the wars!

Desmond's song

Oh! leave me to my sorrow

Dermot and his lass

Doth not a meeting like this?

Dermot my treasure



Enchanted valley

Erin, my country

Eileen aroon, 1st setting

Robin Adair

Erin, the fear and the smile

Eileen aroon, 2nd setting

Enniskillen dragoons

Emblem of faith

Emerald Isle



Fare you well

The sinner's lament

Weeping and mourning

Fun at Donnybrook

Friars' hill

Fair Mary Mulholland

Fairhaired girl

Farmer Hayes

I'm now in the land of liberty

A fig for all my foes

Farewell to Ballymoney

The dear Irish maid

For Ireland I'd not tell her name

The river Lee

I am a disconsolate rake

Storeen machree

Fair at Dungarvan

Were you ever in sweet Tipperary?

Fill the cup

Four-leaved shamrock

For freedom and for Erin

Foggy dew, 1st setting

I courted her for a long summer season

Foggy dew, 2nd setting

Fairy boy

Fairy cobbler

Finnigan's wake

The French musician

.Doran's ass

Fox and his wife

Forlorn lover

Forlorn stranger

Fill the glass

Forget not the angels




Fox's Sleep, the

When he who adores thee

Fair hills of Eire O!

Uailleacan dhuv O!

Song of sorrow

Father Quinn

Whenever I see those smiling eyes

Breath not again that dreadful word

Fairy rath, the

Fill the bumper fair

Bob and Joan

Keep your wife at home

Fairies' well

Flowers of Erin's green shore

Fair branch

Flowers of the forest, Irish version

I've heard of lilting

Fenian stronghold

Avenging and bringht [sic]

Fragrant blossoms

Fair maid of Cavan

Fisherman's song

Faithful brown cow, 1st setting

Faithful brown cow, 2nd setting

Fair Ellen

Fair maid of Kinsale

Flowers in the valley



Groves of Blackpool

Gen. Monroe's lamentation

Good morning, fair maid

I'll leach you the way

Hide and go seek

Gordon's tune

Mary of Ballyhaunis

Geraldine's daughter

Girl of the big house

Good health to our friends far away

Green woods of Truigha

Silence is in our festive halls

Gentle maiden

When the south wind blows

Green shady bowers

Green bushes

Girl from lower Ireland

Gathering of the clans

Groves of Dromore

Give me your hand

Girl I love

Good ship Planet

Girls I have courted

Grave of Wolf Tone

Grassy green pillow

Goat's song

George Gubbins' delight

Grace O'Malley

Groves of Blarney

Sad and luckless was the season

T'is the last rose of summer

Gramachree Molly

The harp that once through Tara's Hall

Granu Waile; or, Ma, Ma

Girls of our town

Good health to my brown maid



Hugh O'Neill's lament

Have you been at Carrick?

Holland is a fine place

Honest man, the

Hermit of Killarney

When war was heard

Humors of Carrickmacross

How Paddy was fooled Humors of Glynn

Thomas Leixlip, the proud

A virgin wife and widow

The groves of sweet myrtle

Humors of the Joyce country

Hurrah! for old Erin forever

House on the hill

Heart bowed down

He left us in sorrow

Have you seen my valentine?

Her blushing cheek



I could, but I won't

I'll mend your pots and kettles

If all the young ladies

Its a pity I can't see my love

Is not this pleasant?

I saw thy form in youthful prime


I'm a poor rambling boy

There was a young lady

Irish champion, the

Muldoon, the solid man

Irish nation

I love thee no more

I'll be a good boy

I leave you to guess

I will drink no more

I'm sadly thinking

The deserter

I'm married one year today

I'm weary of life

I awoke from my dream

I wish that I could go with you

Ireland forever!

I'm sick to the heart

Irish exile

I met her in the garden

It would not do at all

Ill make my love a breast of glass

I love you my darling

If the sea were ink

Ah! where is the vow?

Lay his sword by his side

It is sickly I am

I dreamt of my love

Irish hautboy, the

I pressed her to my breast

I'm lonely tonight, love

I'm asleep and don't awaken me

Erin, Oh! Erin

A soft mild morning

Like the bright lamp

I leave you in sadness



John O'Dwyer of the glen, 1st setting

John O'Dwyer of the glen, 2nd setting

John Mitchell

Joys of summer

Jug and it full

John White

Jolly beggarman

James O'Brien

Jolly plowman, 1st setting

Lowbacked car, 2nd setting

Smiling Nannette

The brave Irish boy

Jimmie, my thousand treasures, 1st setting

Jimmie, my thousand treasures, 2nd setting

Johnny, fill up the bowl

Johnny, I hardly knew you

Jane's heart inclines to me

Johnny Doyle

Jolly young waterman





Kitty O'Neill

Kathleen O'Moore

The rivers

Kitty of Coleraine

Kitty Quinn

Kitty O'Hara

Kate Kearney

Kilkenny tune .

Katty Nowlan, 1st setting

Katty Nowlan, 2nd setting

Killarney .

Kissing thy sweet lips

Keepsake, the



Little black Rose, 1st setting

Little black Rose, 2nd setting

Little red lark .

Lord Doneraile

Little yellow road .

Little bench of rushes

O! pleasant was the moon

Bunch of green rushes

Life is all checkered with pleasures and woes

The bark is on the swelling wave


No, not more welcome

Little swallow

Little Molly O!

Love is a tormenting pain

Let us leave that as it is

Darby O'Leary

The Galbally farmer

Little black Rose, No. 3

Londonderry love song

Lough Carra fisherman

Lord Mayo

Lullaby, a

Little Mary Cullinan

The rose tree in full bearing

I'd mourn he hopes that leave me

Maureen from Gibberland

Forgive the muse that slumbered

Phelim O'Neill

Lonely I'll be, love, without you

Lough Sheeling

Adieu my loved harp

Come rest in this bosom

Bridget O'Malley

Let other men praise

Love for love .

Lowbacked car, 2nd setting

(See jolly plowman, page 67.)

Leather away with the wattle, O

Leap year

Loughrea lasses

Lord, send the French without delay

Lament for Sarsfield

Let us be drinking

I can court the fair ladies

Lovers' discourse

Light of other days

Let the wind blow high or low

Logan Water .

Liffey's silvery stream

Love's young dream

The old woman

Hark, I hear the ocean's sweep



My love is a bandboy

I'll marry my Johnny

My darling, I am fond of you

Then she sung most charming

Monks of the screw Mary's return

Mourne shore

Margaret Sheehan

My darling colleen fuen

My love has gone

My own young dear

Maids of Araglen

Morning air

My lodging is on the cold ground

Believe me, if all those endearing young charms

When the dove left the ark

Duly and love

My pretty Mary

Mountain high

Two miles below Fermoy

Margaret Lavin

Maiden, the

Mower, the

Conor O'Riordan's vision

Mollie MacAlpin

Minstrel boy

"The Morin"

The lover's lute

Then, soldier, come fill high the wine

My Johnny dear

My love is a lady

Miller's maid, the

My fairhaired darling

Man with the red cloak

Maid of Selma

My heart's full of joy

My love is on the river

My heart is your slave

My dear darling

Savour neen deelish

I saw from the beach

T'is gone, and forever

Miss Molly

Morning sun .

Maid of Banbridge

Mantle so green

I courted lovely Sally

Maid of Templemore

My heart is breaking

Mary O'Sullivan

Mountain top

Morning star

My darling, don't leave me

Mary, with the amber locks

Molly my dear

My bold Trainor O

Mowing of the hay

Mary my bright pet

My own sweetheart

Maid of the golden tresses

Maid of Lismore

Mountains of Pomeroy

Maid of Castlebar

My love will ne'er forsake me

Mr. Grumguffenhoff

Can an Irishman practice such guile

My heart is sore

My little bag that was stolen

Moonlight ramble

Maid without dower

Mary, do you fancy me?

Quit not yet the shady bower

My darling Kathleen

Morning dream



McLean's lamentation

McFarlane's lament



Night before Larry was stretched




Ned of the hill

The young man's dream

Col O'Gara

As a beam o'er the waters

New Year's song

New Langolee .

Dear harp of my country

Paddy Bull's Expedition

New apron

Nancy my pride

Norah, the pride of Kildare

Nancy's branching tresses

No longer can I stay

New lesson, the

The "Read-a-med aisy"

Night was calm

Nora, with the amber hair



O'Connell's lamentation

O'Carolan's lament

Old Truagh .

Of my love I was thinking

Oisin's lament

Old plaid shawl

Old leather breeches

O! sweet Adare

Outlaw of the hills

Oft in the stilly night

March to the battlefield

One Sunday after mass

O! for one-and-twenty

Old Langolee

The humors of Ballamaguiry

Smile on far thy young days

On a bank of flowers

O'Donnell Aboo

Our land shall be free

Old blind bard

Old beggarman

O'Reilly's lamentation

O'Aranmore, loved Aranmore

Kildroughalt fair

O! white Maive

Old cloak

On the mountain side

One wife is enough for me

Open window, the

Open the door softly

Swift fly the hours

Once I was happy

O! the shamrock

Alley Croker

Through Erin's isle

On Lough Neagh's banks

Once more I hail thee

Old head of Denis

Meeting of the waters


Old woman lamenting her purse

Oh! Sheela my love

O! Nancy, don't you remember?

On a cold winter's day

Oh! dear what can the matter be?



Protestant boys


Orange and Green will carry the day

Pretty girls of Ballymena

Parting glass

Good night, and joy be with you all

Good night all around

Pretty girl milking her cow, 1st setting

The valley lay smiling before me

I would I were but that sweet linnet

The flower of all maidens Pretty girl milking her cow, 2nd setting

Poor blind boy

Pretty cuckoo

Proposal, the

He asked me name the day

I know that Johnny loves me

Peggy Bawn

Paddies evermore

Pearl of the flowing tresses

Peeler and the goat

Bansha peeler

Poor old woman, 1st setting

Poor old woman. 2nd setting

Praises of Limerick

My name is Moll Mackey

Rodney's glory

Parson boasts of mild ale

Pleasures of life

Paddy Brown

Pretty Peggy

Peevish child

Peace of the valley

Pearl of the white breast

Peas upon a trencher

The time I've lost in wooing

Prettiest girl of all

Pulse of my heart, No. 1

Come over the sea

Pulse of my heart, No. 2

Plowboy, the



Redhaired girl, 1st setting

I'd roam through Asia

Redhaired girl, 2nd setting

Raking redhaired Pat

Rodney's glory

Praises of Limerick

Rory Dall's sister's lament

Rushy mountain

Rose without rue

Rising of the moon

Rambling laborer

The girl I left behind me

I love my love in the morning

As slow our ship

Rejected lover

Romantic Kerryman

Rocky moorland

Road to Hollyhill

Red fox, the

Let Erin remember the days of old

Redhaired man's wife

Rosey, let me in

Rocking the cradle

I sat in the vale



Seige of Troy

She's a daughter of Daniel O'Connell

Shamrock shore

Sailing hack of Whiddy

Shule aroon, 1st setting

Shule agra

I wish I was on yonder hill

Alone in crowds to wander on

Shule aroon, '2nd setting

Sly Patrick

Has sorrow thy young days shaded

Stormy voyage

Captain Thompson

Sleep on, my Kathleen dear

Setting of the sun

Swift from the covert

Sloan's lamentation

Soldier and sailor

Slieve Gallen




Sit under my protection

Skylark, the

She's far from the land

Could the voice that I loved?

Summer evening

Shady groves

Saturday night

Shepherd, the

Silver crown

Smile of Nancy Barlow

St. Patrick's Day

Though dark be our sorrows

Sligo air

Streams of Bunclody

She's a dear maid to me

Sad is my fate

Sweet Molly

Sixpence, the

It is not the tear this moment shed

Strolling mason

Sit down beside me

Sorrowful maiden

Summer is come

Sweet Molly Malone

Snow storm, the

Seige of Rochelle

Sit around the cheerful hearth

Streamlet the

Southern breeze

Snowy breasted pearl

Ope thy casement, lady bright

She's as false as she's fair

Save me from death

Awake the heart's slumbers

Sweet Kathleen machree

Silken cravat, the

Spring into the drink

Sheridan of Coolcannig

Skipping through the daisies

St. Patrick was a gentleman

The house that Pat built

Sailor Jack

Sparkling blue eyes



Teige Maire's daughter

I wish you were my darling


They are gone

True love can ne'er forget

Twisting of the rope

How dear to me the hour

'Twas on a summer morning

Tossing of the hay

Thy fair bosom

Night closed around

After the battle

Tossing on the waves

Thou, of the beautiful hair

Take hence the bowl

Threadbare coat

Boatman of Kinsale

To Limerick we go

There's an end to my sorrow

Turlough, the brave

The river Lee

Tralibane bridge

Tell me, dear Eveleen

On a green bank Mary was scaled

Tyrone castle

Remember thee

The right road

Traveller, the

Thou art gone far away

This is not my sweetheart Tall, slender maiden


Take back the virgin page



Woods of Kilmurry

Will they ever return?

Widow's daughter

Were I a clerk

You remember Ellen

When you meet a pretty girl

Willy Reilly

Widowed bride

When a man's in love he feels no cold

Wild geese, the

Wheelwright, the

Penal days

When first I met thee

O! Patrick, fly from me

Wink of her eye

Who are you?

When I crossed the valley

While gazing on the moonlight


Winter is past

Curragh of Kildare

Winsome widow

We met at the fair

Weary maid, the

Wild Irish boy

Windy height

Will my love be true?

Whistle, and I'll wait for you

Since love is the plan

White bread and butter

Within this village dwells a maid, No. 1

When I breathe a fond adieu

Within this village dwells a maid, No. 2

Wearing of the green

Where are you going love? No. 1

White mountain maid

Whin blossom

Where's the slave so lovely?

Where are you going love? No. 2

When Erin first rose

When we were girls together

When the cock crows it is day, 1st setting

When the cock crows it is day, 2nd setting



Young black cow

Young Kate of Kilcummer

The blackbird and the thrush

Young lady, the

You never saw Rosey

Young man's dream

When that mild eye is beamin'

As a beam o'er the face of the waters

Yellow garron

You need not fear

You stole away my heart

You'll not deceive me again

Young woman's lament






Abigail Judge



Beauty in tears

Bumper Squire Jones

Blind Mary



Captain O'Kane

The wounded hussar

The small birds rejoice

Catherine Nowlan



Dawning of the day

Dermot O'Dowd



Eveleen's bower

Oh! weep for the hour



Fairy Queen

Before the battle



Grassy turf

Generous woman



Isabella Burke



John O'Reilly, the Active

Oh! think not my spirits are always as light



Lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill

Little harvest rose



Morning of life

My Dermot



O'Carolan's Devotion, 1st setting

O'Carolan's Devotion, 2nd setting

O'Carolan's Concerto

O'Carolan's Receipt for drinking

Planxty Stafford

One bottle more

O'Carolan's Farewell

O'Carolan's Farewell to Music



Princess royal .

Planxty Johnston

Planxty Geo. Brabazon

Planxty Nancy McDermott

Planxty Madam Maxwell

Planxty O'Rourke

Planxty Dobbins

Planxty Mary O'Neill

Planxty Kitty O'Brien

Planxty Burke

Planxty O'Reilly

The wandering bard

Planxty Mrs. O'Conor

Planxty Denis O'Conor

Wear with me thy rosy wreath

Planxty O'Carolan

Planxty O'Flynn

Planxty Sudley

Oh! the sight entrancing

Planxty Charles Coote

Planxty Miss Burke

Planxty Fanny Power

The Invocation

Planxty O'Kelly

Fly not yet

Planxty Lady Wrixon

Planxty Nancy Vernon

Oh! Sheela thou art my darling

Planxty Irwin

Oh! banquet not

Planxty Toby Peyton, 1st setting

Planxty Toby Peyton, 2nd setting

Planxty Toby Peyton, 3rd setting

Planxty Corcoran

Planxty Hugh O'Donnell

Planxty O'Neill

Planxty Scott

Planxty Tom Judge

Planxty Lady Athenry

Planxty Sir Ulick Burke

Planxty O'Daly

Planxty Wilkinson

Planxty Drew

Planxty Drury

Oh! will you sit in the bower?

Planxty Browne

Planxty Lady Blaney

Planxty Thomas Burke

Planxty Maguire

Planxty Sir Festus Burke

Planxty Madam Crofton

Planxty Edmond Dodwell



Thomas Leixlip, the Proud






Young Catherine

As I went forth to view the plain

Young Terence McDonough

The moon dimmed her beams

Once again, but how changed

Young Bridget

Young William Plunkett






A visit to Ireland

Absent-minded man

All covered with moss

A night at the fair

A trip to the cottage

A merry Christmas

Active old man

Antrim lasses

A draught of ale

Ask my father

Angry Peeler

All alive

Apples in winter



Basket of turf

Banish misfortune

Blazing turf fire

Book of Rights

Ballahaboy fair

Besom in bloom

Blackeyed Biddy

Boys of the town

Billy Barlow

Best in the bag

Butchers march


Hooley aud fairly

Bow-legged tailor

Bryan O'Lynn

Boiled goats milk

Boy from the glens

Behind the haystack

Black rogue

The black joke

Michael Mulloy

Johnny McGill

Shane Glas

Sublime was the warning

Shandrum boggoon

Come under my plaiddie

Blooming meadows, 1st setting

Blooming meadows, 2nd setting

Bridget McRory

Boys of Ballinamore

Barndoor jig

Black Donald, the piper

Bessy Murphy




Bolt the door

Boy from the mountain

Boys of Ballinafad

Bucks of Westmeath

Beauties of Ireland

Biddys's wedding

Breeches Mary

Before I was married

Buttermilk Mary

Biddy Maloney

Boys of the West

Bashful maid

Barronstown races

Bunch of roses

Bold John O'Leary

Banks of Lough Gowna

Blue bonnets jig (Irish version)

Butcher's cave

Boys of Coomanore

Barefoot boy

Blarney Pilgrim

Barney O'Neill

Be easy, you rogue!

Behind the bush in the garden

We have no king but Charley



Castle Donovan

Contentment is wealth

Cherish the ladies

Connie, the soldier

Humors of Abbeyfeale

Courtney's favorite

Con Casey's Jig

Condon's frolics

Cliffs of Moher

Charley, the prayermaster

Cat in the corner

Charming young widow

Charlie Stewart

Christening, the

Come now, or stay

Connachtman's rambles

Come to your dinner

Cook in the kitchen

Connachtman, the

Child of my heart

Come in from the rain

Crabs in the skillet



Doctor O'Neill

Denis Delaney

Do you want any more?

Daniel O'Rourke

Dan Roger's Jig

Darby, the driver

Drive the cows home

Doherty's fancy

Day after the fair

Dandy bonnet, the

Dancingmaster, the

Dunmanway lasses

Daniel of the sun

Tady you gander

'Tis sweet to think

Bully for you

The leg of a duck

Dick Sullivan's favorite

Drink and be merry

Doctor O'Halloran

Dairy maid, 1st setting

Dairy maid, 2nd setting




East at Glandart Easter Sunday

End of the day

Ellis's Jig



Friendly Jack

Father Dollard's favorite

Fiddlers' heaven

Flaxdresser, the

Father O'Carroll

First night in America

Fasten the leg in her

Father Jack Walsh

Tatter Jack Walsh

To Cashel I'm going

Farewell, sweet Nora

Fat man's fancy

Fairhaired boy

Fisherman's widow

Farewell to my troubles

Father Fielding's favorite

Ella Rosenberg

Father Tom's wager

Fishing for eels

Finerty's frolic

Bliven's favorite

Fardown farmer

Flitch of bacon

Fisherman's frolic

Felix, the wrestler

Frieze breeches

I buried my wife and danced on top of her

Field of flowers



Guiry's favorite

Gold ring, the

Galway, Tom, 1st setting

Galway, Tom, 2nd setting

Get up early

Grumbling rustic

Girls of Banbridge

Gobby O!

Grandfather's pet

Gallant Tipperary

The young May moon

Goat's horns, the

Gaelic Club, the


Battle of Limerick

The bivouac

We may roam thro' this world

Green sleeves

Gallowglass, the

Green meadow

Glens of Mayo

Geese in the bog

Going to Donnybrook

Get up old woman and shake yourself

Gillan's apples

Gudgeon of Maurice's car



Humors of Bantry

Highway to Dublin

Have a drink on me

Hag with the money

Hare in the corn, No. 1

Hare in the corn, No. 2

Humors of Cappa

Humors of whiskey

Humors of Bandon

Humors of Tralibane

Happy to meet and sorry to part

Humors of Ballycastle

Hartigan's fancy

Humors of Ballingarry




Humors of Mullinafauna

Highlander, the

Hide and go seek

Humors of Limerick

Judy Flannagan

How are you Kitty?

Handy with the stick

House in the glen

Hush the cat

Dance light, for my heart lies under your feet

Humors of Castlecomer

Humors of Winter

Humors of Passage

Humors of Trim

Humors of Castle Lyons

Holly tree, the

Haste to the wedding

A trip to the Gargle

Let brainspinning swains

Humors of Drinagh

Hinchy's delight

Humors of Dingle

Humors of Cavan

Humors of Cork

Humors of Ballinafauna

House in the glen

Humors of Ballydehob

How much has she got?



I know what you like

Idle road, the

Is it the priest you want?

I do not incline

Up and awa

I'll neither spin nor weave



Jackson's frieze coat

Jerry's beaver hat

John White's mother

Julia McMahon

Joy of my life

Jolly Corkonian

Hills of Glenorchy

John, the blacksmith

Jolly old man

Jackson's bottle of brandy

Jackson's morning brush

Jackson's cravat

Jackson's fancy

Joy be with you

Jackson's ramble


Jackson's rolling Jig

Jimmy O'Brien's Jig

Jolly Joker

Jackson's maid

Jack Loughlin

Johnny the Jumper



King of the pipers

Kitty Magee

Kerry cobbler

Kelly the rake

Kilkenny Jig

Kilkenny girl

Katie's fancy

Kitty come over

Killashandra lasses

Kinnegad slashers

Land of sweet Erin

The powers of whiskey

Bannocks of barley meal

Kiss me, darling Kneebuckle the

Kit O'Mahony's Jig

Kitty's rambles

Kilfinane Jig

Kiss me, sweetheart

Kitty of Oulart




Lame Crowley

Lannigan's ball

Larry O'Gaff, 1st setting

Larry O'Gaff, 2nd setting

Larry Grogan

Ladies of Carrick

Limerick tinker

Little house under the hill

Lock the door

Laccaroo boys

Long John's wedding

Lark in the morning, 1st setting

Lark in. the morning, 2nd setting

Little grey church

Luck-penny, the



Malowney's wife

Maid at the well

Moll in the wad

Merry old maid

Money in both pockets

Mountainy boy

Miss Bruce

Move up to me

Miller of Glanmire

Merry old woman, 1st setting

Merry old woman, 2nd setting

My former wife

Maid on the green

My darling asleep

Market town, the

Miss Monroe's jig

Miners of Wicklow

My brother Tom

Mixing the punch

Mountaineers' march

Monaghan jig

The clay pipe

Mooncoin jig

Morgan Rattler

Merry maiden

Maguire's kick

Miss Casey

Man who died and rose again



McArdle's favorite



Nightcap, the

Nolan, the soldier

Nothing can sadden us

Nell Flaherty's drake

The widow's curse

New pair of shoes

Nancy Hynes

New cloak, the

New-married couple

Joys of wedlock

Northern road

Stir your feet, Johnny



One-legged man, No. 1

Off to the hunt

Out with the boys, 1st setting

Out with the boys, 2nd setting

Old woman tossed up in a blanket

Sweeping the cobwebs out of the sky




Out on the ocean

Old man Dillon

Old man's delight

Our own little isle

Orange rogue

Bunch of Clover

Old Nora

Nora Creena

Hushed he sorrow's sigh

Lesbia hath a beaming eye

One, before we go

Off she goes

One-legged man, No. 2

Owen Malone

Old grey goose

O'Gallagher's frolics

Old as the hills

Old horned sheep

O'Reilly's favorite

One-horned cow



Pipe on the hob

Priest with the collar

Paddy Whack

When history's muse

Paddy from Portlaw

Pretty Jane

Penniless traveller

Priests leap

Philip O'Neill

Pipers picnic

Petticoat loose

Palm Sunday

Paddy O'Rafferty

Drink of this cup

Paddy, the piper

Priest and his boots

Paddy's trip from Dublin

Larry O' Lashem

Bounce upon Bess

There are sounds of mirth

Paddy O'Carroll

Bad luck to this marching

Paddy's resource

Ill omens

Paddy in London

Put on your clothes

Paddy "Go easy"



Red stockings

Road to Lurgan

Races at Carrick

Rakes of Kildare

Rory O'Moore

King of Leix march

Good omens

Rakes of Clonmel

Boys of the Lough

Ranting rake

Redhaired hag

Runaway bride

Rambler from Clare

Ruins of Killmallock

Rivals, the



Saddle the pony, 1st setting

Saddle the pony, 2nd setting

Sergt. Early's jig

Storyteller, the

Slattery's fancy

Shandon bells

Sheep on the mountains

Straw seat

Sergt. Cahill's favorite Sporting bachelor

Stagger the buck

Snug in the blanket

Silken wallet

Sod of turf

Smash the windows

Scatter the mud, 1st setting

Scatter the mud, 2nd setting

Short grass, the

Spotted cow, the

Stack the rags

Sergt. Stack's favorite

Strike the young harp

The night dance

Spinner's lilt

Spring well, the

Sweet Biddy Daly

An Irishman's love

Strop the razor, 1st setting

Strop the razor, 2nd setting



Tim, the thatcher

Tell her I am

Templehouse jig, 1st setting

Templehouse jig, 2nd setting

Tobin's favorite

Tie the petticoat together

The bonnie Highlander

Trip it up stairs

Tailor's thimble

Tailor's wedding

Skiver the quilt

Thrush's nest

Tip the cruiskeen

Tatter the road

Tenpenny bit, 1st setting

Tenpenny bit, 2nd setting

Top of the hill

Tongs by the fire

Thief of Lough Erne

Three little drummers

Threshing the Barley

Tim Hogan's jig

Top of Cork road

Father O'Flynn

Thatcher, the

Twopenny jig

Take it easy



Unfortunate rake

Wandering Harper



Victor's return



Walls of Liscarroll

When sick, is it tea you want?

Welcome to Cork

Widow Brady

White petticoat

Wheels of the world

Wellington's advance

Willy Walsh's jig

Will you come home with me? 1st setting

Will you come home with me? 2nd setting

Wasn't she fond of me?

Whiskey and water

Wait awhile

Lady Wemys' jig

When William at eve

Woodcock, the

Wallop the potlid

Walk out of it, Hogan

What ails you?

Wallop the spot





Yellow little boy

Yellow flail

Younng Francis Mooney

Young Tim Murphy

Young Tom Ennis






A blast of wind

A whack at the whigs

Leather the wig

Another jig will do!

A fig for a kiss




Blind Billy

Boys of Ballysadare

Barney Brallaghan

Bunch of haws

Biddy from Limerick



Crow's nest, the

Come up stairs with me



Dever, the dancer

Don't leave me alone

Dublin streets

Dress her out in fine clothes



Ellen O'Grady



Funny mistake



Give us a drink of water

Gurty's frolics



Hardy man, the fiddler

Humors of Ballymanus

Here's good health to the piper

Hunting the hare

Hills of Ireland



Irish girl, the

I'm the boy for bewitching them



Jack on the green

Jerry Houlihan

Johnny O'Shea



Kid on the mountain



Light and airy



Merry tailor

My mind will never be "aisy"

Melancholy Martin

Magowan's jig

Moll Roe

One bumper at parting

The Munsterman's flattery

The market slake



Paddy, now, won't you be easy?

Paddy O'Snap

Quick, we have but a second



Rocky road to Dublin

Roudledum, 1st setting

Roll round the world, as it will

Roundledum, 2nd setting

Reaping the rye

Riding a mile, 1st setting

Riding a mile, 2nd setting

Road to Athlone S

Swaggering jig

Oh! the marriage

Sir Philip Mchugh




Tea in the morning

Terry heigh ho, the grinder, 1st setting

Its little for glory I care

Terry heigh ho, the grinder, 2nd setting

Top the candle!

Tipperary hills



Up and down again



Will you come down to Limerick? 1st setting

Will you come down to Limerick? 2nd setting

Will you come in?

Wild colt, the



Yellow legs






All hands around

Avonmore, the

The Blackwater

A rainy day

A bright May morning

Annie O'Neill

A ha'penny for a cotton ball

A cloudy morning

An ugly customer

Around the world for sport

A moonlight ramble

After the sun goes down

Are you willing?



Broken pledge

Bank of Ireland

Bantry lasses

Big Pat's reel

Bucks of Oranmore

Bunch of green rushes

Buckley's fancy

Bloom of youth

Boys of Ballinchalla

Boyne hunt

Bush in bloom

Boys of Portaferry

Bridget McBride

Bonnie Kate

Ballinasloe fair

Blackberry blossom

Blackhaired lass

Beamish's goat

Bottle of porter

Boys of Galway

Boys of Cappoquin

Belfast lasses

Bonnie boy

Bashful bachelor

Bill Clancy's delight

Blackeyed sailor

Butcher's apron

Bouncing boy

Blue garters



Craig's reel

Captain O'Neill

The charms of music

Chorus reel


Colonel Fraser




Clock in the steeple

Come to the dance

Colonel Hopkins

Colonel Rodney

Curragh races

Christening, the

Cunningham's fancy

Cahill's courtship

Captain Kelly's reel

Casey, the whistler

Cashmere shawl

Comely maiden

Come to the bottle house

Col McBain

Collier's reel

Castle Island

Considine's grove

Coming over the hills

Comely Jane Downing

Courting them all

Callan lasses

Contradiction reel

Cameronian reel

Clarkson's reel

Corney is coming

Cronins favorite



Day we paid the rent

Dillon Brown

Daisy field

Dillon's fancy

Dogs among the bushes

Dan McCarthy's fancy

Drogheda lasses

Dancer's delight

Dublin lasses

Don't bother me

Dr. Taylor

Dublin reel

Drowsy Maggie

Drummond lasses

Dooley's fancy

Dandy Denny Cronin

Duffy, the dancer



Ewe reel

Early rising



Flogging reel

First month of summer

Flower of the flock

Five-leaved clover

Far from home

Follow me down to Carlow, 1st setting

Follow me down to Carlow, 2nd setting

Flowing bowl

Fermoy lasses

First of March

Farewell to Iveleary

Flax in bloom

Four courts, No. 1

Four courts, No. 2

Five miles away

Farewell to Erin

Fairhaired Mary

Fair and forty

Field of oats

Fourpenny bit

From shore to shore

Four-hand reel

Corporal Casey



Girl who broke my heart

Green mountain Green fields of America

Charming Mollie Brallaghan

Gooseberry bush

Green branch

Green linnet

Goldfinch, the

Grey daylight

Grey beard, the

Going to the fair

Green groves of Erin

Girls, will you take him?

Green garters

Good morning to your night cap

Green jacket

Galbally lasses

Girl with the laughing eyes

Give us another

Grey plover



Humors of Westport

Happy days of youth

How the money goes

Highway to Limerick

Humors of Ballinacarrig

Harvest field

Hornless cow

Humors of Schull

Humors of Newcastle



I have no money

I'm ready now

Ivyleaf, the, 1st setting

Ivyleaf, the, 2nd setting

I'm waiting for you

Irish Music Club



Johnny's wedding

Jim Moore's fancy

Jolly journeyman

John O'Neill's reel

Jennie, rock the cradle

Johnny with the queer thing

Jim Kennedy's favorite

Jenny Pippin

Johnny's welcome home

Jenny picking cockles

Jack Dolan

Jerry Hayes

Julia Delaney

Johnny has gone to France

Jimmy's return

Jenny's welcome to Charley

Jolly weaver

Jolly seven

Jenny's wedding

Jolly tinker

Jug of punch



Kate Kelly's fancy

Kitty Losty's reel

Kiss the maid behind the barrel

Kiss me, Kate

Kerry huntsman

Keeper hill

Kiss the bride

Kiss your partner



Leave my way

Lame fisherman

Ladies' pantalettes

London lasses

Lovely Molly

Lawson's favorite

Lough Allen




Leitrim thrush

Lady behind the boat

Lord McDonald

Lady Forbes

Lord Gordon's reel

Limerick lasses

Lightning flash

Ladies of Leinster

Linen cap

Lisburn lasses

Lady Mary Ramsey

Little Katey Kearney

Leather buttons

Larry Lavin's choice



Milliner's daughter

Music in the glen

Morning star

Merry days of Easter

My Maryanne

Miss Crawford

Mourne mountains

Maud Miller

Miss McDonald

Macroom lasses

My love is fair and handsome

Messenger, the

Mountain lark, No. 1

Mountain lark, No. 2

Mary Grace

Miller's maid

Miss Thornton's reel

Merry sisters, the

Musical priest

Miller's daughter

Mary O'Neill's fancy

More luck to us

Miss Monaghan

Merry merchant

Minister's daughter

Miss Brady

My love is in America

Miltown maid, the

Mother-in-law, the

Merry harriers, 1st setting

Merry harriers, 2nd setting

Mason's apron

Man with the money

Money Musk (Irish version)

Molly, put the kettle on

Magpie's nest

Miss Campbell

Miss Johnson

Mills are grinding, 1st setting

Mills are grinding, 2nd setting

Maple tree, the

Man of the house

Maid that dare not tell

Miss Patterson

Maids of Mitchellstown

Molly, what ails you?

Miss McLeod's reel (Irish version)

Maurice Casey's fancy

Mooncoin reel

Mickey by the fireside

Miss Wallace

Maid at the churn

Molly Malone

More power to your elbow

Maid of Athlone

My honey in the house

Mollie McCarthy

Merry blacksmith

Ike Forrester's reel Murtough Mulloy

Monday Morning

Mullingar races

Maid in the cherry tree

My sweet heart Jane

Mountain rose



McFadden's handsome daughter

McFadden's own reel

McLean's favorite

McFadden's favorite



New demesne, 1st setting

New demesne, 2nd setting

New road, the

New mail-coach

Nellie O'Donovan

Nora O'Neill

New potatoes

Northern lasses



Over the bridge to Peggy

O'Dwyer's reel

Old pensioner

Old grey gander

Our Highland cousins

O'Reilly's fancy

Old maids of Galway

Old schoolmaster

On the river bank

O'Reilly's greyhound



Paddy Ryan's dream, 1st setting

Paddy Ryan's dream, 2nd setting

Peeler's jacket

Flannel jacket

Pleasures of home

Peggy on the settle

Kitty Clover

Boil the breakfast early

Peter Kennedy's fancy

Pure drop, the

Peter street

Pat Tuohy's reel

Pick your partner

Pretty blue seagull

Pigeon on the gate

Push about the jorum

Plaid mantle

Pretty Peggy

Paddy's surprise

Piper's son

Paddy Murphy's wife



Repeal of the Union

Roll her on the mountain

Rose in the garden

Reel of Mullinavat

Robin redbreast

Rambler's rest

Reel of Bogie

Roving bachelor

Roseland hill

Rambling sailor

Rolling down the hill

Rakish Paddy

Rolling on the ryegrass

The Shannon breeze

The Rathkeale hunt

Maureen playboy

Old Mollie Ahern



Silver tip, the

Spinning wheel

Sheehan's reel




Star of Munster

Ships are sailing

Swallows tail

Sligo chorus

Sweet Biddy of Ballyvourney

Satin slipper

Snow on the hills

Salamanca reel

Star of Kilkenny

Sporting boys

Strawberry blossom, 1st setting

Strawberry blossom, 2nd setting

Sailor's jacket

Sailor's return

Spinner's delight

Smash the windows

Sligo lasses

Sergt. Early's dream

Sleepy Maggie

Scolding wife

Second wedding

Sailor's cravat

Skibbereen lasses

Sauntering in the lane

Smoky house

Scotch Mary

Shearing the sheep

Same old story



Take your choice

Toss the feathers, 1st setting

Toss the feathers, 2nd setting

Templehouse reel

Twin brothers

Tear the calico

Tom Steele

Trim the velvet

Timothy Downing

Thompson's reel

Tie the bonnet

Tie the ribbons

Threepenny bit

Touch me if you dare, No. 1

Touch me if you dare, No. 2

You rogue you darn't medle me

Tady's wattle

Tit for tat

Traveller, the

Walker street

Tent at the fair

Turkeys in the straw



Woman of the house

Wexford lasses

Within a mile of Clonbur

Welcome home

Within a mile of Dublin

Winter apples

Wind that shakes the barley

William White's reel


Women's rock

Western lasses



Youngest daughter

You never saw her equal

Young Arthur Daly

You're right, my love






An echo from Leinster

Alexander's hornpipe

A stranger from Limerick

Autumn woods Always welcome

A prize for the ladies



Bantry Bay

Boys from Scart

Big Dan O'Mahony

Banks of the Ilen

Boys of Ballysimon

Banks of the Nile

Byrne's hornpipe

Belfast hornpipe

Boys from the East

Bill Black's hornpipe

Bath road hornpipe

Ballincollig in the morning

Boys of Bluehill

Bonaparte's defeat

Belles of Clonallen

Bridge of Athlone

Bill Ellis's hornpipe

Billy Taylor's fancy

Balfe's hornpipe

Back of the haggard

Bonnie Anne

Baldheaded bachelor

Bantry hornpipe



Chief O'Neill's favorite

Cloone hornpipe

Crossroads dance

Coey's hornpipe

Coming from the wedding

Cronin's rambles

Clark's hornpipe

Chief O'Neill's visit

Corney Drew's hornpipe

Captain O'Cleary's hornpipe

Cuckoo's nest, 1st setting

Cuckoo's nest, 2nd setting

Cooncy's hornpipe

Caroline O'Neill's hornpipe



Dunphy's hornpipe

Downfall of Paris

Devil's dream

Dublin hornpipe

Dancing on the green

Durang's hornpipe

Dick Sand's hornpipe



Echo, the

Early in the morning

Everybody's fancy



Fisher's hornpipe, 1st setting

Fisher's hornpipe, 2nd setting

First of June

Fair maidens

Farm hornpipe

Fiddler's frolic

Full of the bag

Flowers of Antrim

Father Dollard's hornpipe

Field marshal

Flowers of spring

Frost and snow

Friendly visit

First of May

Fiddler's contest

Fairies' hornpipe

Flowers of Edinburgh

Cois lasadh

Fancy fair

Faithful friend




Greencastle hornpipe

Groves hornpipe

Glengariff Bay

Galway Bay

Goodnatured man

Glasgow hornpipe

Green flag

Golden vale

Gil more's hornpipe

Glen hornpipe

Gillespie's hornpipe

Glories of Spring

Green Island



Halfway house

Hick's hornpipe

Harvest home


Handy man

Humors of Ballyconnell

Hugh McArdle's fancy

Humors of Enniskean

Hull's victory

Hunters hornpipe

Handsome plowboy

Humphrey's hornpipe

Higgins' hornpipe

Higgins' best

Hawk's hornpipe

Humor's of Castle Bernard



I'm waiting for you



Jerry Daly's hornpipe, 1st setting

Jerry Daly's hornpipe, 2nd setting

Julia's wedding

Jolly little boy

Jack's the lad

The College hornpipe

Jim Boulton's fancy

John Carey's daughter



Kildare hornpipe

Kit O'Mahony's hornpipe

Kitty's wedding

Smith's delight

Kilfinane hornpipe



Liverpool hornpipe

Lady Day

Last of the twins

Little stack of barley

Little Mary cassidy

Light in the window

Larry Lynch's hornpipe

Lakeside road

Limerick Junction

Londonderry hornpipe



Miss Brown's fancy

Men from Mallow

Mountain top

Mullingar races, 1st setting

Mullingar races, 2nd setting

Maid of Listowell

Murray's hornpipe

Midnight dance

Murphy's hornpipe

Merry soldier

The lamplighter

Molly in the garden

My darling fair maid

Men from Ulster Mitchell's hornpipe

Man from Newy

Mountains of Kerry

Merry gardener

Merrymakers' Club

McDermott's hornpipe

McElligott's fancy



New moon, the

Night we made the match

Northern troupe

Nelson's victory

Ned Naughton's hornpipe



O'Dwyer's hornpipe

O'Gallagher's hornpipe

O 'Fenlon's hornpipe

Off to California, 1st setting

Off to California, 2nd setting

Old man Quinn

O'Connor's fancy

O'Donnell's hornpipe

Old west and cravat

O'Connor's favorite

One of the boys

Old storyteller

O'Neill's hornpipe



Planxty Davis

Battle of Killicrankie

Post Office

Pleasures of hope

Pipers' despair

Peacemaker, the

Pansy blossom

Pride of the parish

Pretty Maggie Morrissey

Pet of the house

The Coliseum



Quarrelsome piper

Queen of May



Real thing

Rose of Drishane

Rogers O'Neill

Reconciliation, the

Redhaired boy

Roger was a plowboy



Sailor's hornpipe, No. 1

Sailor's hornpipe, No. 2

Son of prosperity

Slipper hornpipe

Spellan's inspiration

Sweep's hornpipe

The Great Eastern

Spellan's delight

Spellan's fancy

Spellan's fiddle

Smoky chimney

Scholar, the

Soldier's joy

Supple dancer

Star hornpipe

Sault's own hornpipe

Silk handkerchief

Sea captain

Spring garden

Sunrise, the

Shaskeen clog

Sorry, too late

Spellan, the fiddler




Southern shore

Sault's favorite

Seamen's Club



Tinware lass

Top of the morning

Trumpet hornpipe, 1st setting

Trumpet hornpipe, 2nd setting

Tobin's resource

Thirty years ago

Twilight star

Tomorrow morning

Tim, the turncoat

Threshers, the

Tullamore piper



Ulster hornpipe



Wicklow hornpipe

Whiskey, you're the devil

The Gypsy hornpipe

Whistling Mike

Woods of Kilkenny

Widow Cantwell's fancy

Wandering Willy

Wily old bachelor

Where did you find her?

Whitney's fancy



Youghal Harbor

Young Edmond O'Neill






Ace and deuce of pipering, 1st setting

Ace and deuce of pipering, 2nd setting



Bonaparte's advance

Bonaparte's retreat

Bold deserter




Garden of daisies, 1st setting

Garden of daisies, 2nd setting



Hunt, the, 1st setting

Hunt, the, 2nd setting



Job of journeywork

Jockey at the fair



Lodge road



Poll Ha'penny



Rodney's glory

Rambling rake

Rub the bag



Three captains



Wood's lamentation

White blanket






Allistrum's march

Around the world for sport Ah! sure, such a pair

A lovely lass to a friar came



Brian Boru's march

Biddy, I'm not jesting

Bonaparte crossing the Rhine

Blackheaded darling

Blackbird and the hen

Battle of Aughrim



Connacht outcry



Devil in Dublin

Dear little island



Fearless boys

Freedom for Ireland

Farewell to whiskey

Fox chase



Green flag flying before us



Hurlers' march

High cauled cap

How is your mother?

Heart and hand

Harrington Hall



I won't be a nun

Indeed, then, you won't



Johnny Cope (Irish version)



King of the rath



Leinster outcry



Marry the piper, girl

Miss Hamilton

Munster lass

Merry merchant

Martyr's lament

Munster outcry



New school



Paddy Carey



Rory of the hills

Rakes of Mallow

Return from Fingal

Rocks of Cashel



Shane O'Neill's march

Sweet Killaloe

Sir Patrick Bellew's march



Tommy Johnson



Ulster outcry



White cockade

With Paddy by my side



Yellow John, 1st setting

Yellow John, 2nd setting

You'll never be any good

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