The Harp and Claymore

by J Scott Skinner

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Alick Young

Angus Campbell

Athole Brose

Athole Highlander's Farewell to Loch Katrine, The,

Auld Style's Awa', The


Baker, The

Ballindalloch Castle

Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Highlanders, The


Baron o' Brackley, The

Barren Rocks of Aden, The

Battle of Falkirk, The

Because he was a bonnie lad

Big Captain of Cartlehaugh, The

Bit of Heather, A

Blacksmith o' Botriphnie, The

Black Water

Blair's Favourite

Blooms of Bon-Accord, The

Bob Williamson.

Bonnie Lass o' Bon-Accord, The

Bonnie Thackit Hoosie

Bovaglie's Plaid

Braes o' Auchtertyre, The

Braes o' Mar, The,

Brechin Castle

Breem Dog, The

Bride's, The

Brig o' Dee, The

Brig o' Perth, The

Bruce's March

Buckingham House

Burnie, The


Cairngorm, The

Caledonia's Wail for Niel Gow

Cameronian Rant, The

Canty Jeanie Munro

Carnegie's Welcome to Scotland

Carrick's Rant

Castle Gordon

Castle Grant

Champion March, The

Clan Chattan

Clarence Tough

Clout the Cauldron

Cluny Castle, Inverness-shire

Cluny Macpherson's Lament

College. Hornpipe, The

Colonel Smith's Lament

Composer's Farewell, The

Copperbeach, The

Cortes Gardens

Cradle Song, The (Instrumental)

Cradle Song (Vocal)

Craig Chattan


Culloden Day

Currie's Rambles



Dean Brig o' Edinburgh, The

Dear Auld Ha', The


Deil among the Tailors, The


Delvin Side

Devil and the Dirk, The

Devil in the Kitchen, The

Diamond. The

Doctor, The

Donald Macpherson's Lament


Dove Cot, The

Dr. Gordon Stables

Dr. M'Hardy

Dr. Shaw (Strathspey)

Dr. Shaw (Reel)


Drummuir Castle


Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside, The

Dumbarton Castle

Duncan Bain's Bargain

Dundee Burns' Club, The

Dunnottar Castle



Earl Grey

East Neuk o' Fife, The

End of the Valley, The




Farewell to Gairloch

Farewell to Gartly

Field of Bannockburn, The

Fingal's Dirk

Fisher's Rant, The

Five Mile Chase, The

Flap of the Eagle's Wing, The

Flint and Fleerish, The

Forbes's Sneeshin Mull

Forth Brig, The


Gatherin' o' the Gunns, The

Gavin J. Hamilton's

Gertie Gibb

Ghillie Callum

Gin ye kiss my wife, I'll tell the Minister


Grand Old Macintyre

Greig's Strathspey

G. S. Mackay


Happy Frank

Happy Tom

Harvest Home

Haughs of Cromdale, The

Haunt of the Gnomes, The

Hector Macdonald

Hector the Hero

Herr Roloff's Farewell

Hessian's March, The

Highland Donald

Highlands of Banffshire, The

High Level, The

Home Rule

Huntly's Wedding Medley

Hurricane, The


Inveraray Castle

Inverness Gathering, The


Jamie Hardie

J. O. Forbes, Esq., of Corse

Johnnie Steele

John Marshall

John M'Neill's Highland Fling

John Roy Stewart





Lady Catherine Stuart

Lady Charlotte Campbell

Lady Mary Primrose

Lady Mary Ramsay

Lady Wallace

Laird o' Auchluncart, The

Laird o' Drumblair, The

Largo's Fairy Dance

Leburn's Highland Bagpipe

Left Handed Fiddler, The

Loch o' Forfar, The

Lonach Gathering, The

Lonach Highland Fling, The

London Scottish, The

Lord Huntly's Cave

Lord John Campbell

Lord Macdonald


MacLeod's Quickstep

Macpherson's Cave

Macpherson's Rant


Madame de Lenglee

Madame Vanoni

Maggie Cameron

Mains of Gartly

Mair Rozit

Manson's Highland Fling

Mar Castle

Marchioness of Tullybardine, The

Marquis of Huntly's Farewell, The

Marquis of Tullybardine's Reel, The

Mathematician, The

M'Dougall Gillies' Pipes

Meikleour Beeches, The

Merry Kitty

Messe, Le


Miller o' Drone, The

Miller o' Him, The

Minstrel to his Soul, The

Miss Douglas of Brighton

Miss Laura Andrew

Miss Primrose

Miss Shepherd


Mrs. Dundas of Arniston

Mrs. Garden of Troup

Mrs. Keillor

Mrs. Will


Naval Pillar, The

North Side of the Grampians, The



Our Highland Queen


Paddy's Delight


Perthshire Hunt, The

Perthshire Volunteers, The

Peter Baillie

Peter Laing

Pig Town, The

Pipe Major, The

Piper King. The

Piper's Weird, The

Pittengardener's Rant

President, The

Pretty Peggy

Prince of Wales, The

Princess Royal, The


Queen's Commissioner, The

Queen's Welcome to Invercauld, The


Reel o' Thuilleachan, The

Reel o' Tulloch, The

Rights of Man. The

Rockin' Step, The

Rosewood's Dirk

Rothiemurchus Rant


Sadness of Life, The

Sandie Grant o' Battangorm

Sandlaw's Welcome


Shillelah, The

Sick Boy, The

Sirdar, Lord Kitchener, The

Slumbering Minstrel, The

Smith's a Gallant Fireman, The

South of the Grampians

Speed the Plough

Stirling Castle

St. Mungo's Welcome to Scott Skinner

Strathbogie Editor, The

Sword Dance


Theodore Napier

There's naething like the Talisker

Timour the Tartar

To Ane far Awa'


Top o' the Grampians, The

Triplet, The

Trois Grands Luthiers, Les

Trumpet, The

Tulloch Castle


Tullvveolan March

Twist ye, Twine ye


Valley of Silence, The




Warrior o' Persie, The

Warrior's Grave, The

Welcome Whisky Back Again

Where Gadie Rins

Whistle o'er the lave o't

Wm. M'Hardy's Strathspey

Wounded Hussar, The

W. Scott Collins


Young King, The

The Harp and Claymore

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