Extensive booklet includes heartwarming, straight-shooting autobiographies from both Donald and Dougie.


Donald MacLellan - The Dusky Meadow

with Doug MacPhee Piano

This recording is an absolute treat. Lots of classic Scottish tunes played with Gaelic expression. To many, Donald was THE living master of old-style strathspey playing. It's truly inspiring to hear someone in his mid-80s playing so strongly.

Sadly Donald passed away one month after this CD's release. He hadn't made an solo album for nearly 40 years.

Below are three rarely-heard strathspeys ... notation and MP3s

Notation Links


A.F. Irving


Compliments to Annabelle


Jamie Russell


Captain Campbell

The Perrie Werrie

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1. Captain Carswell/ The Drunken Piper/ The Marchioness of Tullibardine

2. Niel Gow's Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairny/ The Duchess of Hamilton/ The Hon. Mrs Maule of Panmure/ Lady Georgina Campbell/ Captain Byng/ Loch Earn

3 A.F. Irving/ Captain Campbell/ Craig o' Barns/ Sandy is my Darling/ Mr. John Stewart of Grantully/ MacKinnon's Rant

4 The Road to Skye/ Off to Donnybrook/ Whisky Jig/ The Flower in the Garden

5.Sir Alexander Don/ The Ewie with the Crooked Horn/ Johnnie's Made a Waddin' O't/ Country Hall/ Miss Charters

6 Compliments to Annabelle/ Dusky Meadow/ Sandy Cameron/ The Marquis of Tullybardine/ Sandy Duff

7 The Honey Maid/ Pretty Bess/ Key West

8 Killiecrankie/ Gaelic Air/ Welcome to your Feet Again/ Fight about the Fireside/ The White Crow/ Blind Norry's/ Marquis of Queensberry

9 Miss Marianne Oliphant/ The Duke of Gordon's Birthday/ Don Side/ Cross of Inverness/ Muschats Cairn

10 Dr. Shaw/ The Strong Man o' Drum/ Jamie Russell/ The Breem Dog/ Sandy Skinner/ The Spinnin' Wheel

11 O Dear! What can the Matter Be?/ Irish Jig

12 The Shakins of the Pocky/ Miss Christy Nicholson/ Miss Whitefoord/ Isle of Skye/ Put me in the Big Chest

13 Morag's Wedding/ Craig o' Barns/ Pigeon on the Gate/ Finlay's Favorite/ Muileann Dubh

14 Johnny Pringle/ Money Musk/ I'll Gang nae mair to yon Town/ Lord MacDonald's Reel/ The Perrie Werrie/ The Bear in the Buckwheat/ A Dhòmhnuill, A Dhòmhnuill

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