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It's always a treat to get a new recording from Brenda Stubbert. Even the old standards never fail to surprize you.

Lively as ever, for most of the recording Brenda is accompanied by Howie MacDonald and Dave MacIsaac. As well, flautist Nuala Kennedy joins in on track 3 and piper Kenneth MacKenzie for track 11. The program also includes a couple of songs from Brenda's old friend, Blanche Sophocles.

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Alf McConnell's March


The Titanic Jig


Sandy Cameron's Reel


Ava Grace


The Boys of the Town #2


Jimmy and Marcella Slade's


Thanks to Gail and Jim


J. D. MacDougall's



Different Strokes With Different Folks
Brenda Stubbert

links to select books and/or transcriptions/soundclips

1. The Good Ole Days (3:45)

2. Winston Jigs (3:11)

  • Winston at the Glenville Hall, jig (traditional)
  • The Boys of the Town #2, jig (traditional)
  • The Old Dutch Churn, jig (traditional)

3. The Osh Kosh Set for Wilbert (with Nuala Kennedy) (3:35)

4. Set for My Granddaughter (4:16)

5. Ironclad Waltz (2:50)

  • Ironclad, waltz (Jerry Holland, composed for John Hartford)

6. Remembering Jerry Holland Set (3:18)

7. Song for Ireland (5:15)

  • Song for Ireland (Phil Colclough, Misty River Music)

    (vocal, featuring Blanche Sophocleous)

8. Thanks to Alf (4:46)

  • Alf McConnell's March (Brenda Stubbert)
  • The Haughs of Cromdale, strathspey (traditional)
  • John Morris and Sally Rankin, reel (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Sandy Cameron, pipe reel (traditional)

9. The Titanic Set (3:12)

10. Joe Neil (2:56)

  • Joe Neil (MacNeil) (Sons of Skye)
    (vocal, featuring Blanche Sophocleous)

11. Fiddle and Border Pipes Set (3:32)

12. Four String Polka (2:02)

  • Four String Polka (King Ganam)



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