Ashley MacIsaac

Ashley MacIsaac fiddle

Guitar - Dave MacIsaac, Piano - Joey Beaton

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Recorded in 1992 this was Ashley's first recording. Although only sixteen years of age he played both with the confidence of a seasoned veteran and with the necessary respect for tradition.


74th Highlanders' (March)

Mrs. Duff (reel by Charles Grant)

Hills of Lorne (Charlie Hunter)

Three Mile Bridge

Lament for the Prophet (Tom Anderson)

Miss Eleanor Stewart (Dan R. MacDonald)

Glen Grant

Miss Robertson

Bonnie Anne Anderson (J. Scott Skinner)

Titles below

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Close to the Floor

links to select books and transcriptions

1. Little House Around the Corner / Traditional Winston / The Wandering Minstrel (jigs)

2. 74th Highlanders' (March) / Roderick MacDonald / Sandy Cameron / Creignish Hills (Father Hugh MacDonald) / Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart's (pipe reel) / A Mary MacDonald Reel

3. Hills of Lorne (Charlie Hunter) / Sir Archibald Dunbar / Traditional Strathspey/ Pat Carney's / Scouriness / Mrs. Duff (Charles Grant)

  1. 4. The New Fiddle (Dan R. MacDonald) / Scotty's Favourite/ 3 Mile Bridge / Champion

    5. Miss Lyall's / Miss Lyall's Reel / Sandy Cameron's / Cairngorim Broach

    6. Livingstone Pond (Dan R. MacDonald) / Long Point (Dan R. MacDonald) / Campion (Dan Hughie MacEachern)

    7. Lament for Prophet (Tom Anderson) / Moxham Castle (Dan R. MacDonald) / Reel des Enfants / Dublin Reel

    8. Miss Eleanor Stewart (Dan R. MacDonald) / Glen Grant (Charles Grant) / Miss Robertson (Robert MacKintosh) / Donalbane (aka The Margaree Reel)

    9. Blue Bonnets over the Border

    10. Irish Lasses / Cambridge (Dan R. MacDonald) / Aubry Foley's

    11. Bonnie Anne Anderson (J. Scott Skinner) / Headlight / Believe It or Not (Jerry Holland) / Mist over the Loch

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