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Joe Confiant: Fiddle

John Willie Morrison: Piano


Many of the older residents of Cape Breton's Northside remember Joe Confiant as one of the finest fiddlers of the 20th century. His unique style evolved from local influences, yet his approach to both the instrument and to the music was distinctly different from modern Cape Breton Scottish players.

Joe's musical legacy continued into the next generation, his influence being seen most in his nephew, fiddler Johnny Wilmot.


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Off to George's River


John of Badyedon (unaccompanied)


Kiss the Bride (2nd tune in MP3 medly)


Lord MacDonald's


Joe Confiant's March


Knit the Pocky

Joe Confiant - Off to Georges River

1. Off to Georges River, Kiss the Bride (traditional reels)

2. The Groves Point Jig (traditional)

3. Christy Campbell, Anthony Murray, Appin House (raised bass tunes)

4. Knit the Pocky (strathspey), General Stewart (reel)

5. The British Brigadeer (song melody)

6. Liverpool Hornpipe, Soldier's Joy

7. Lord MacDonald, Primrose Lasses (reels)

8. Lord Alexander Kennedy (pipe march)

9. Cabar Feidh (Scottish reel)

10. Flowers of Edinburgh, Walker Street (reels)

11. Traditional Barn Dances

12. The Northside Reel, Dan Galbey's (reels)

13. The Honeymoon, Pigtown Fling (reels)

14. Miss MacGregor, The Hills of Glen Orchy (Scottish jigs)

15. Arkansas Traveller

16. Douglas Favourite Polkas

17. Trad. jig, Maid on Green, Nothing Can Sadden Us, My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing

18. Take your Choice, Five Mile Chase (Irish reels)

19. Northside Kitchen, Paddy's Resource (Irish jigs)

20. Loch Leven Castle, Joe Confiant's Reel

21. Liverpool Hornpipe, The Oak Tree, A traditional Irish reel

22. The Cuckoo's Nest (Irish hornpipe)

23. Smith's Delight, Miss Monaghan

24. Joe Confiant's March, MacKenzie Highlanders (trad. pipe marches)

25. The Drunken Piper (march), Swallow Tail (reel), A traditional pipe reel

26. Napoleon Crossing the Alps (march)

27. John of Badyendon (Wedding Reel #1)


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