Joe Cormier
The Dances Down Home

A wonderful anthology of Joe's recordings spanning a 25 year period, this collection includes medleys from an LP titled The Dances Down Home as well as material from other previously unreleased sessions. This long play, 20 track CD is one of the finest productions in Mark Wilson's North American Traditions Series (for Rounder Records). The notes by Anselme Cormier are a delight to read and include rare early photos of Joe, his family and some of his musical aquaintences such as Angus Chisholm and Winston Fitzgerald.

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Brig o' Feugh

Peter Milne

Donald Stewart the Piper

J. Scott Skinner

Charlie Hunter

Bobby MacLeod

Donald Cameron's Polka

Fancy Hornpipe

Gillan's Reel

Peter Milne

Hillside Echoes

Denis Lanctôt

Lady Wampole's

Mrs. Scott Skinner

J. Scott Skinner

Sandy M'Gaff

The Dances Down Home

Track 1.

  • The MacDonald's March abc (Silver Apple # 9)
  • The King's Reel

Track 2.

Track 3.

Track 4

Track 5

  • Dan R.'s Favorite by Donald Angus Beaton (Beaton Collection)
  • Brig o'Feugh - by Peter Milne
  • Donald Stewart the Piper - by J Scott Skinner

Track 6

Track 7

Track 8

  • Clay Pipe
  • Sandy M'Gaff
  • The Champion Jig

Track 9.

  • Biodag Air MacThomais
  • The Hurdle Race
  • Last Night's Fun

Track 10

  • Hillside Echoes (Denis Lanctôt)
  • Banks

Track 11

  • The Marquis of Tullybardine
  • Romp Among the Whins
  • The Way to Mull River (by John Morris Rankin)
  • Put Me in the Big Chest

Track 12

Track 13

  • Miss McKenzie of Ness House
  • Bonanza Hornpipe

Track 14

  • Glencoe Bridge March
  • Lieutenant Howard Douglas's
  • Miss Stewart of Garth
  • The Rocket

Track 15

  • Delnabo
  • Malcolm Finlay
  • Traditional
  • Prince Charlie

Track 16

Track 17

  • Fancy Hornpipe
  • Gillan's - by Peter Milne
  • St. Kilda Wedding

Track 18

  • Archie Menzies - by John Lowe
  • Fisher's Hornpipe
  • Mr. Bernard - by Nathaniel Gow

Track 19

  • Miss Hutton's - by John Bowie
  • Miss Johnson of Pitworth - by James Walker
  • Lady Walpole's

Track 20

 Joe Cormier can also be heard on Informal Sessions

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