Many's a Wild Night

Cover painting by Jackie's son, Michael

Jackie Daly is a well known Irish accordionist, who has performed and recorded with many famous groups including Patrick Street, Arcady, Buttons and Bows and De Dannan. Mainly comprised of a traditional repertoire, this CD also includes a half dozen of his own compositions &endash; original reels and hornpipes that adapt well to the fiddle.

Garry Ó'Briain and Paul De Grae.
Maire O'Keeffe

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Tune listing.

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Tune Listing:

1 Polkas: Many a Wild Night / All Along the River Bank / The Christmas Polka

2 Jigs: An Buachaillin Ban / The Thatched Cabin / Johnny Dennehy's

3 Reels: Craig's / Sunday Night / The Kilfenora Reel

4 Air: Ag Taisteal na Blarnan

5 Hornpipe : By The Old Fairy Fort / Lad O'Beirne's

6 Slides : Forget your troubles / O'Connor's / The Glounreagh Slide

7 Reels : Fly Fishing Reel (Composed : Jackie Daly ) / McIllhatton's Retreat ( Composed: Maire O'Keeffe )

8 Hornpipes: The Clockhouse / The Old Court: (Both composed: Jackie Daly)

9 Jigs: Coleman's / Fanning's / Teddy O'Neill

10 Reels: The Allow and The Dualloa (Both Composed: Jackie Daly )

11 Air: Maidin Ro Mhoch

12 Polkas: Rose Anne's / The Old One / The Rambling Sailor

13 Slides: Crossroads Fling / Cock O' The North / Chase Me Charlie

14 Reels: Buck Morans / Paddy O'Sullivan's / The Dairymaid


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