Jerry Holland ... Fiddler's Choice

Critically acclaimed CD.


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A delightful mix of old and new music put together in medleys as only Jerry can. Great back up musicians include J.P. Cormier, Kieran O'Hare, Mary Jessie Gillis, and Allan Dewar.

31 tunes notated in the new book Jerry Holland: The Second Collection

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CBC's Glenn and Karl(Jerry Holland)


Mary Jessie Gillis (Paul Cranford)


Boo Baby's Lullaby (Jerry Holland)


Harsh February (Phil Cunningham)


Buddy MacMaster's Fancy


If you would like the Winter 2010 issue of Fiddler Magazine, which includes a Tribute to Jerry Holland article, with previously unpublished Jerry Tunes and photos, visit to order or subscribe.

Tune Listing

1. Union Street • Rannie MacLellan • Denis Lanctôt's Reel • Wake Up to Cape Breton

2. Buddy MacMaster's Fancy • To the Ladies • Jessie's Fancy • Harvey Tolman's Fancy

3. Miss Hutton's • The Braes of Tullymet • Miss Johnson of Pitsworth • Captain Keeler

4. Boo Baby's Lullaby

5. Angus MacIsaac's Jig • Alexander William MacDonnell's Jig • John Morris Rankin's Jig

6. John Alex Francis MacLellan's • Ashley MacIsaac's Request • Hilda's Choice

7. Margery Ross Stewart • Emily Stewart • The Jovial Journalist • The Hunter's Hut • Rubber Face •

8. Bryden MacLean's Jig • James Kelly's Trip to Cape Breton • J.P. Cormier's Jig

9. Mary Jessie Gillis • Anne Germaine MacDonald • Allan 'Big Alex' MacDonald • Thelma MacPherson • The Grey Old Lady of Raasay • Dillon Brown

10. For My Mother Dear

11. John Pellerine's Strathspey • David White's Reel • CBC's Glenn and Karl • Just Cruising • The Harsh February

12. Dave 'Normaway' MacDonald's Wedding • Arthur Muise •

13. Mac Morin's Jig • Dance Your Heart Away • Jerry the Newscaster's Jig

14. James Cameron • Roderick Cameron's Strathspey • David and Nancy's Visit • Joys of Mabou Coal Mines • Alex MacMaster's Reel

15. Paddy's Trip to Scotland • Ciaran Tourish • The Shetland Fiddler


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