A straight ahead fiddle/guitar recording.

No studio gimmickry here - instead we have live playing from two of the best Cape Breton musicians around ...

Howie MacDonald (fiddle) & Dave MacIsaac (guitars)

CD - $19.50

Auld School - Howie MacDonald
Complete Track listing below

Sample tunes:
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Jerry’s Memories by Brenda Stubbert & Howie MacDonald


Evelyn Cameron's Strathspey by Brenda Stubbert & Howie MacDonald


Up on the Hill by Howie MacDonald


Brenda Stubbert's Jig by Howie MacDonald


Mr. Martin's Compliments to Dr. MacDonald

The New Brig of Methlick

Howie MacDonald's Jig


The Queensville Trot


The Wonder Clog


The New Rigged Ship


Winston in Boston


My Father's Hat by Brenda Stubbert

Lila MacIsaac's Wedding Day


Winston in Eskasoni Jig

March to Buddy by Brenda Stubbert & Howie MacDonald


Come Along with Me

Auld School

links to select books and/or transcriptions/soundclips

1. Jerry's Memories, march (Howie MacDonald & Brenda Stubbert)
Evelyn Cameron's Strathspey (Howie MacDonald & Brenda Stubbert)
The Tin Wedding
The Rocket

2. Elmer Briand's Jig
Up on the Hill
Brenda Stubbert’s Jig (Howie MacDonald)

3. Mr. Martin’s Compliments to Dr. MacDonald (Wm. Martin)
The New Brig of Methlick (William Hardie)
Mrs. Charles Stewart (William Marshall)

4. The Queensville Trot (Mike MacDonald)
Cecil MacKenzie's Strathspey (Rod Campbell)
Mrs. J Walker Reel
Major Molles Reel (Andrew Gow)

5. The Wonder Clog
Clear the Track
Marquis of Willington

6. Howie MacDonald's Jig (Didace Leblanc)
The New Rigged Ship (aka- Derailed at Rockingham)
Winston in Boston

7. The Queen of the West (Zeke Backus)
Andy McGann's Reel
Howie and John Morris in the 80s

8. Doug MacMaster's Clog
Stella's House Parties (Kathleen Leblanc Poirier)
Remembering My Father (Brenda Stubbert)

9. Happy to Meet Sorry to Part
Lila MacIsaac's Wedding Day (Sandy MacLean) aka Malcolm Beaton's Jig
Mrs. A. McGlashan

10. Minnie Foster's Clog
Spellan's Inspiration Clog
Angus Gillis the Boston Stepdancer (Jerry Holland and Dave MacIsaac)

11. Mrs. Charles Sutherland Strathspey (J. Murdoch Henderson)
Charles Sutherland Reel, (J. Murdoch Henderson)
Miss May Hay

12. March to Buddy (Howie MacDonald & Brenda Stubbert)
Pipe Reel
Paul's Pipes (Jerry Holland)

13. Tom Marsh's Hornpipe (Vincent MacGillivray)
Juanita Hornpipe

14. Winston in Eskasoni Jig
Irish Jig
Come Along with Me

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