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Lisa MacArthur

Originally from a musical famly in Codroy Valley Newfoundland, for the last ten years of so Lisa has made Cape Breton her home. and now her musical style is definately Cape Breton.

Her debut CD is a delightful mix of old and new, Cape Breton, Irish and Scottish tunes. Lots of variety between listening and dance music.

Lisa is a strong player. She is accompanied by some of Cape Breton's finest including Dave MacIsaac, members of the Barra MacNeils, Tracey Dares, Brenda Stubbert and more... RECOMMENDED

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Dan Hughie MacEachern's March


The Tinker's Daughter (given as one of the abcs below)


Factory Smoke (hornpipe)

ABC file (9 tunes)
The Canongate Twitch | Dan Hughie MacEachern's March | Drive the Cows Home | The Mongrel | The Dashing White Eejit | Vail's Breakdown | Factory Smoke | The Tinker's Daughter | The Turnpike

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