John L. MacDonald


Formerly of Foot Cape Road

piano accompaniment - Doug MacPhee

Rounder Records
North American Traditions Series

John L. grew up in a part of Inverness County, Cape Breton, famous for its music. A neighbour, and one of his early mentors was the now legenday Sandy MacLean of Foot Cape Road. Although John left Cape Breton as a young man he never lost his passion for music. For more than forty years he has lived in Ontario keeping touch with the music at Cape Breton dances and house parties.

Formerly of Foot Cape Road was John L's only recording. Mostly classic traditional repertoire, a couple of recent melodies round out the program.

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Calum Crubach & The Margaree Reel


Little House Round the Corner




 1. The Marchioness of Huntly; Miss Maule's, Calum Crubach - strathspeys
Margaree; Cuir 's a' Chiste Mhóir mi (Put Me in the Big Chest) - reels

2. The Bonnie Lass of Headlake - marching air
Sir Archibald Dunbar; Cameron's Got his Wife Again - strathspeys
Homeward Bound; Rachel Rae - reels

3. The Dougal Creature; Shins Around the Fireside; The Wandering Minstrel - jigs

4. Willie Fraser's (Donald Angus Beaton); Paulette Bissonnette (John Campbell) - strathspeys
Blasad Ghaidhlig; Judy's - reels

5. The Warlock; Bog an Lochan - strathspeys
The Nine Pint Coggie; Malcolm Finlay;
Morrison's Ridge (Dan R. MacDonald)- reels

6. The Flowers of Spring; Liverpool; Durang's - hornpipes

7. Niel Gow's Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairney - slow air

Lady Ann Hope; The Duke of Gordon's Birthday - strathspeys

Lord MacDonald's; West Mabou - reels

8. Kennedy Street - march
The Miller of Drone; Mr. Murray - strathspeys
Airchie Brown; The Yetts of Muckart
- reels

9. Old Strathspey from the Coal Mines; Calum Breugach (Malcolm the Liar) - strathspeys
John of Badenyon; Hamish the Carpenter - reels

10. Mrs. Garden of Troup; Mrs. Dingwall of Brockly's - strathspeys
Bonny Lass of Ballantrae; Carnie's Canter; Archie Menzies - reels

11. Christie Campbell; Hills of Cape Mabou - strathspeys
Bodach Fodair (The Straw Man); Greig's Pipes; The Bridge of Bamore - reels

12. Little House 'Round the Corner; New Waterford; Traditional - jigs

13. Fr. John Angus Rankin (Jerry Holland) - march
Lime Hill; Donald John the Tailor; Traditional - strathspeys
Harry Bradshaw's (Jerry Holland) ; The Weasel (John Morris Rankin) - reels

14. O'er the Muir, Amang the Heather - slow air
Athole Brose - strathspey
General Stewart;
The Randy Wife of Greenlaw; The Smith's Delight - reels

15. Memories of Paddy LeBlanc (Donald Angus Beaton) - march
Miss Maule's; Glen Tilt Lodge - strathspeys
Lady Glenorchy's; The St. Kilda Wedding - reels

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