Irish Fiddle Masters from the 78 RPM Era

Jackie Roach, James Morrison and Paddy Sweeny.
New York ca.1938

The Milestone at the Garden, reissues of 78s to CD, is a must for anyone interested in Irish music. The historical notes by Dick Spotwood and Phillipe Varlet are thorough and fascinating. The 25 tracks comprise a wide cross-section of both regional and individual styles. Fiddlers Paddy Canny, Dennis Murphy, Neil O'Boyle and Sean Ryan play unaccompanied. Other tracks with accompaniment include music by Michael Coleman, Paddy Cronin, Paddy Killoran, Sean Maguire, James Morrison, Danny O'Donnell, Frank O'Higgins, Ed Reavy and others. Twenty-one tracks haven't been previously reissued. Tune listing.  


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Tune Listing:

Milestone Compilation (Rounder CD)

01. James Morrison
Miss Langford's Reel / The Milestone at the Garden (The Humours of Westport)

02. John Howard
Toss the Feathers / Callan Lassies (Tom Steele, Hand me Down the Tacdkle,
Reidy Johnson)

03. Fireman Barney Conlon
Over the Lakes (The Boyne Hunt, The Boy in the Gap)

04. Frank Quinn
The Rocks of Bawn (The Unfortunate Rake, The Ten Penny Bit

05. Paddy Cronin
The Doon Reel / Quinn's Reel (The Mountain Top)

06. Hugh Gillespie
The Mullingar Lee (The Collier's Daughter) / The Star of Munster (g minor setting)

07. Denis Murphy
Cra Croi an Phiobaire (The Piper's Despair) / Ril an Chinneidigh (Kennedy's Reel)

08. Frank O'Higgins
The Ace and Deuce of Pipering / The King of the Fairies

 09. Paddy Killoran
The Old Dudeen / On the Road to Lurgan

10. K. Scanlon
Bonnie Kate / Swallow's Tail / Molly Brannigan

11. Danny O'Donnell
Thistle and Shamrock (Jenny's Bawbee, Lord Moira, Niel Gow's Wife)

12. Francis Cashin and Tom Cawley
Mountain Lark /
Wheels of the World

13. Sean Ryan
The Dash to Portobello (Port Gael-Linn)

14. Louis E. Quinn and James O'Beirne
High Level

15. Louis E. Quinn and James O'Beirne
High Level / The Newcastle

16. Louis E. Quinn and James O'Beirne
The Banks

17. Michael Coleman
Jackson's Number One

18. Neil O'Boyle
Haste to the Wedding / Over the Hills

19. Sean Maguire
McDermott's Reel / The Mason's Apron

20. Kathleen Harrington
The Poppy Leaf / The Showman's Fancy

21. Michael Hanafin
Miss McLeod's Reel / Greenfields of Rossbeigh (The Kerry Reel)

22. Edward V. Reavy
The Boys at the Lough /Tom Clark's Fancy (The Kerry Reel)

23. Paddy Canny
Rogha Ghearoid De Barra (Garrett Barry's) / Bruacha Loch Gabhna (Brian O'Lynn)

24.Packie Dolan
The Lady of the House (The Woman of the House, Ballinasloe Fair)

25. Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney
Farrell Gara /The Silver Spire


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