Mac Morin

Pianist Mac Morin has recorded and toured with Beolach, Natalie MacMaster, Buddy MacMaster and Ian MacDougall. This is his first recording as the featured artist. Lots of good tunes which Mac plays in a variety of contexts - solo piano, with fiddler Rannie MacLellan, with piper Kevin Dugas and with rhythmical accompaniment.

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Morin You Expected


Mac Morin's Reel


Ye banks and Ye Brae (slow air, with fiddler Rannie MacLellan)


Miss Grant fo Grant (Daniel Dow)


1. The Deil's Lochy (March) James MacIntosh Miss Lucy Campbell (Strathspey) Traditional The Craig of Barnes (Strathspey) Traditional Reel - Traditional Cabar Feidh (Reel) Pipesetting traditional Lord MacDonald (Reel) Pipesetting traditional

2. Scotty Fitzgeralds (Jig) - Sandy MacIntyre Jig - A Mike MacDougall Jig Johnny MacGill (Jig) - Traditional

3. J. O Forbes, Esq. of corse (Air) - Peter Milne

4. The New Brig of Methlick (Strathspey) - William Hardy Tower O' Scolty (* Hornpipe) - Dan R. MacDonald Mrs Grant of Grant (Reel) - Traditional

5. Kanatra to El Arish (March) - Traditional John Angus Beaton's (Strathspey) - Kinnon Beaton Traditional Laddie (Reel) - Traditional Reel - Traditional

6.  The Caledonian Hunts Delight Melody (Air) Miss Warrender of Lochend (Strathspey) - Traditional Ben Lomond (Strathspey) - Traditional The Auld Wheel (Reel) - Traditional Rannie MacLellan's (Reel) - Father Angus Morris Father Angus Morris (Reel) - Rannie MacLellan

7. The Kid on the Mountain (Slip Jig) - Traditional Mrs James MacNeil (Jig) - Dan R MacDonald

8. Duchess of Hamilton (Strathspey) - Traditional Moneymusk (Strathspey) - Traditional The Craig of Barnes (Strathspey) - Traditional The Night The Goats Came Home (Reel) - Traditional Reel - Traditional variation Norman's Reel - Donald Angus Beaton

9. The Seven Sisters (Jig) - John Morris Rankin The Heart of Me Kitty (Jig) - Simon Doherty The Black Ewe's Cascade (Jig) - Traditional

10.   The Mallard The Mallard (Clog) - J. Murdoch Henderson Cathy Jeanie Munroe (Strathspey) - J. Scott Skinner Gillis Cove (Reel) - Ronald MacLellan

11.Och Mar A Tha Mi Jenny Bowser (Reel) - J. Scott Skinner

12. Hughie's Old Place (March) - Ian MacDougall Bog A' Lochan (Strathspey) - Traditional The Glenora Reel (Reel) - John Campbell Mac Morin's Reel (Reel) - Natalie MacMaster Wake Up To Cape Breton (Reel) - Brenda Stubbert

13. Four and Twenty Highland Men (Pipe Reel) - Traditional Reel For Carl (Reel) - Jerry Holland High Road To Fort Augustus (Reel) - Traditional

14. The Belfast Boat (Jig) - Traditional Carrickfergus (Jig) - Traditional

15. B Flat Air Shakins O' The Pocky (Air) - Traditional

16.   Pipe Set Angus MacKinnon of Eigg (March) - Iain MacDonald The Eight Men Of Moidart (Reel) - Traditional Morin You Expected (Reel) - Mac Morin Muileann Dubh (Reel) - Traditional

17.   Killicrankie Killicrankie (March) - Traditional Noel Hill's Fancy (Reel) - Jerry Holland

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