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Brid O'Donohue is a wonderful tin whistle and flute player from Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare. A great musician can stand alone and on this exceptional recording she proves this adage, by playing solo tin whistle thoughout. Her style is reminicent of one of her early mentors, the late, great Willie Clancy.

Selected MP3 sound clips, midi & /or Standard Notation

Castlebar Races Gjig ( mp3)

Scully Casey's Hornpipe Gjig ( mp3)

The Green Grove of Erin - Am reel (mp3)

The CopperPlate G reel (GIF & mp3)

Tony Molloys E minor jig (mp3)

Caoineadh an Spailpin slow air (mp3)

O'er the Moor to Maggie - G reel (mp3)

The Humours of Ballyloughlin 4 part jig in D (mp3)

Brother Gildas (mp3)

Ambrose Maloney's - G reel (mp3)

The Concert Reel - G reel (mp3)


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