Tommy Peoples - Waiting for a Call

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Tommy Peoples is one of the greatest Irish fiddlers performing today. Waiting for a Call is a compilation of previously unreleased tracks from the 1980s alongside of new cuts done in 2002. The '80s cuts are mostly duets with Irish Piper Sean Potts, the new recordings are of Tommy alone with guitarist John Doyle

Ten transcriptions / arrangements - Five Peoples originals plus three traditional tunes, two contemporary compositions

Ard Baithen (Tommy Peoples) - - -MP3


The Wishing Well (Tommy Peoples)


The Fairest Rose (Tommy Peoples)


King of the Pipers


Australian Waters


Bunch of Green Rushes


Waiting for a Call (Tommy Peoples)


Launching of the Boat (Francie Byrne ) MP3

Bob McQuillan's (Ali Bain ) - - - - MP3

Eight of the above ten tunes, arranged from this CD, can be downloaded as a single ABC File.

Note: the midi files above were generated from the abcs.

 Track Listing - Tommy Peoples

1. Jigs: John Blessing's Delight/Australian Waters/Kit Mahoney's

2. Reels: Waiting for a Call/The Spike Island Lassies

3. Jigs: Ard Baithen/The Mooncoin/The King of the Pipers

4. Reels: The Bunch of Green Rushes/Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire

5. Jigs: The Monaghan Jig/The Ship in Full Sail/The Blarney Pilgrim

6. Reels: Miss Ramsay/Launching the Boat

7. Jigs: The Wishing Well/The King of the Pipers No. 2

8. Jigs: The Frieze Breeches/The Lark in the Morning

9. Reels: The Colliers/Bob McQuillen's/The Spike Island Lassies

10. Highland and Reels: Dúlaman na Binne Buí/"Tommy Peoples"/Jenny's Wedding

11. Slip Jigs: Hardiman the Fiddler/Give Us a Drink of Water/Heels Over Head

12. Reels: The Drunken Landlady/The Fisherman's Island

13. Strathspey: King George IV

14. Jigs: Páidín O'Rafferty/The Langstern Pony

15. Strathspey and Reels: Drumnagarry/Drumnagarry Reel/Miss Crawford

16. Slow Air and Hornpipe: The Fairest Rose

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