Arrangement above is based on a fiddle / pipes duet by Kevin Rowsome and his wife Lorraine Hickey on the CD titled The Rowsome Tradition . Lorraine got this setting from her great aunt, Viola Preston. Her title likely came from O'Neill's Collection (1903). The tune was published earlier in Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1883), where it is was known as Short Grass.

Subtle differences can been seen between the fiddle and pipes. Above, the two bracketed bars display places where it is necessary for an Irish piper to use octave variations (for notes marked *, Kevin plays in the upper octave while his wife stays low, as written). Note also the forced the accidentals for all the F notes. For a piper these notes require totally different techniques, and colour the music with character. Playing in C fingering is unusal and difficult for Irish pipers, but it is rewarding.


This arrangement has also been published in The Silver Apple News  

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