The Skylark is a very popular reel that, after Morrison's 1935 recording, quickly slipped into the aural tradition. Although this is the original key, toady it is often played in the key of D to suit flutes, pipes etc. This tune was reissued by Viva Voce (Harry Bradshaw) as part of a double cassette set known as The Professor. A number of Morrison's 78s have since been reissued on a CD compilation titled From Ballymote to Brooklyn.

This arrangement has also been published in The Silver Apple News. In Cape Breton it was recorded this way on an 1963 LP by Johnny Wilmot and Doug MacPhee. More recently it was recorded in D by Brenda Stubbert on Music All Around (2003) and published that way in Brenda Stubbert The 2nd Collection

Other Examples of Music Notation
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