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A Summer concert in Cape Breton
Hilda Chiasson, Howie MacDonald, Paul Cranford, Sarah Beck, Roger Treat & Yvon LeFort

Cranford Publications specializes in Celtic fiddle music from Cape Breton, Ireland and Scotland. Proprietor Paul Cranford (3rd from left) is a fiddler, composer and retired lightousekeeper well-grounded in the traditions of music he sells, performs and arranges.

This site provides resources for a continuing tradition. We both create and distribute books of music notation and related recordings; materials intended to help you learn to interpret music. We also link to many other educational sites as well as to other fiddlers, luthiers, festivals etc.

As you wander the site you will find links to thousands of tunes. Check out any page which features a book or CD that interests you - on most you will find links to tunes. Many are posted as free, on-screen musical notation others as sound clips, midi files, ABCs or link to articles, photos and descriptions - all relating to books and CDs which we make or have made available in our on-line store. Old newsletters are worth exploring since they both synopsize content and provide links to tunes, videos, artists, books etc.
Cape Breton's
Musical Heritage

Our on-line store allows secure credit card purchases for all the books and recordings we feature. We also take phone and mail orders.

The 8th book in
our Series

SPECIAL - eight books - $100

The Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series (currently 8 books) is still being compiled. The long term plan is for a 12 volume set.

The Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series
(links to descriptions of the individual books)

2 CDs of 100+ Paul Cranford Tunes

The Cape Breton Scottish Collection is a compilation of Scottish music, 318 melodies, originally published between 1740-1935, as interpreted by 20th century Cape Breton musicians. It is a book of musical notation arranged for fiddlers and their accompanists

Paul worked as a lighthousekeeper from 1975-2009. Lighthouses proved to be an ideal place to research, write and practice. Working month on - month off, he started publishing books of fiddle music in 1979 with a reproduction of The Skye Collection and over the years has published over a dozen collections. His final lighthouse posting was Machias Seal Island a bird sanctuary located on the Canadian-US border in the Bay of Fundy.

Since retiring from lighthouses, Paul has settled into fulltime life in Cape Breton. In 2009, he was artist in residence for The Celtic Colours International Festival. In 2010 he released a double CD of original music titled More Tunes from the Lighthouse which contains over 100 previously unrecorded tunes - soundclips & notation are posted for every tune!. In 2011, he once again worked with Celtic Colours, this time producing The Celtic Colours Collection, a book of music to celebrate the festival's first 15 years. The year, 2013 marked the release of The Cape Breton Scottish Collection, Vol 8 of the Heritage Series. Currently Paul is working on vol. 9, 10, 11 and 12 - the next of which will be a compilation of pipe tunes arranged for fiddle. Titled The Cape Breton Highland Collection, it is scheduled for release in May 2015.

Paul is married to artist, fiddler, piano player Sarah Beck. Well-known for her pottery, her specialty is Raku animals, if you are touring Cape Breton during the tourist season they work together in her shop, Wildfire Books and Pottery. Located on the Cabot Trail, the shop also carries a good supply of the music books and CDs described on this site.

Our ABC Tunes include transcriptions of tunes from many featured recordings. Note that after a recording becomes unavailable its associated tunes, abcs and sound clips remain accessible.

ABC Programs - Newer programs for modern operatings systems


For ABC beginners, we also guide you through the how-to convert ABCS to standard notation or midi files.

Otis Tomas - contemporary composer & luthier

CD with artistic prints, poetry & music notation $20

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