Johnny Wilmot
Irish music with a Cape Breton swing!

Another great compilation from Breton Books and music, Another Side of Cape Breton presesents Johnny's early recordings (1951-64). In addition to fiddle and piano selections (with Margaret MacPhee or Mildred Leadbeater) there are tracks with tin whistle (Chris Langan on a C Clarke whistle) and others with harmonica (Tommy Basker). Tune listing.

Sample tunes (music notation and MP3s)

individual tunes as MP3s
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Johnny Wilmot Another Side of Cape Breton

1. G reels

2. D jigs

3. Em reels

4. D jigs

5 D reel

6 D jig

7. Harmonica Solo - D hornpipes (fiddle key A or G)

8. D reels

9. Am jig (tuned down a tone)

10. D jigs

11. D polka

12. G Jigs

13. D reels

14. D jig

15. G reel (tuned down a tone)

16. Em jigs

17.A hornpipes

18. D jigs

19. G reels

20. A jigs

21. G jigs

22. G reels


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