The Turoe Stone - Vincent Broderick

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Aisling O' Neill

Anna Livia

Around The Fairy Fort

Cregg Castle

Down The Rushy Glen

Halley's Comet

Horan's Airport

Lynch's Castle

Midsummer's Night

Pearse's March To The G.P.O.

Seven Noble Men

Stoney Brennan

The Ballyarra

The Banshee's Wail

The Bullaun Slide

The Bus To Mullahoran

The Carramore

The Coachman's Whip

The Cockstep In The Dunghill

The Crock Of Gold

The Dragon Fly

The Enchanted Lake

The Flagstone Of Memories

The Four Winds

The Fox On The Prowl

The Goat's Path

The Haunted House

The Hellfire Club

The Honey Bee

The Hunter's Moon

The Last Train From Loughrea

The Lighthouse In The Bog

The Lonely Hills Of Aughrim

The Loughrea

The Lumberjack

The Midnight Owl

The Milky Way

The Millenium Reel

The Mountain Ash

The New Broom

The Night Of The Big Wind

The Old Flail

The Old Grandfather Clock

The Old Schoolhouse

The Old Station House

The Old Woman In The Glen

The Old Wooden Bridge

The Orion Belt

The Pigeon House

The Piper From From Ballina

The Plasterer's Dream

The Pope In The Park

The Pucha's Bush

The Rainbow's End

The Ring Around The Moon

The Rookery

The Salmon Weir Bridge

The Seven Springs

The Song Of The Birds

The Spanish Arch

The Spider's Web

The Stone Mason

The Tattie Hokers

The Tinker's Daughter

The Turoe Stone

The Whistler At The Wake

The Wind Through The Rafters

The Woman In The Glen

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