The Keegan Tunes 

4 volumes of original compositions 

The Keegan Tunes Vol. 2

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Josephine Keegan is a wonderful Irish fiddler and piano player. A native of Armagh, many remember her for her 1970s solo LPs and for her performances with the late Sean Maguire of Belfast

Many of Josephines tunes from her 1st book are now popular at sessions. The Keegan Tunes Vol Tune 2, contains her newest tunes some of which have been recorded on her new CD, The Fairy Bridges

Sample tunes - ABC file containing

  • The Fairy Bridges
  • O'Drisoll's Travels
  • The Biloba Blossom
  • High Jinks
  • Adrian's Gate
  • The Three Point Turn
  • The Little Bridge
  • The Basket of Pebbles
  • OHanlon's Bridge
  • The Copper Kettle

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