Winston Fitzgerald : Classic Cuts

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To many Winston Fitzgerald was the man who set the standard for Cape Breton fiddling. His recording career began with 78s in the late '40s and his trio continued to record some of the most influential fiddle music to come out of Cape Breton. For this production Breton Books and Music digitally remastered 22 of Winston's classic cuts from the Celtic LPs.

Tune titles 

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The Iron Man (J.Scott Skinner)


The Mill of Newe (Alexander Walker)


Mrs. J. Forbes (Alexander Walker)


Crossing to Ireland


The Farmers Daughter

Miss Ann McCormack (Dan R. MacDonald)



Also available - Winston's Book

Vol. 4 - Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series

232 tunes, biographical information

1. Welcome to Your Feet Again

  • Welcome to Your Feet Again
  • The Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow (Daniel Dow)
  • The Bird's Nest

2. HighlandJig

  • Highland Jig
  • So I'm Off with the Good St. Nicholas Boat (Skinner)

3. Sleepy Maggie

  • Miss Ann MacCormack (Dan R. MacDonald)
  • Sleepy Maggie

4. The Marchioness of Huntley

  • The Marchioness of Huntly (Wm. Marshal)
  • Miss Maule (MacIntosh)
  • Lady Glenorchy (Duncan MacKercher)

5. MacNabb's

  • McNabb's Hornpipe (aka - Crossing the Minch by Doanld Macleod)
  • Farmer's Daughter

6. Henderson Medley

  • James F. Dickie's Delight (J. Murdoch Henderson)
  • James Scott Skinner (J. Murdoch Henderson)
  • Mrs. E. MacLeod (James Walker)

7. Alexander Walker Medley

  • The Mill of Newe (Alexander Walker)
  • Mrs. J. Forbes (Alexander Walker)

8. Winston Jigs

  • Jimmy MacKinnon of Smelt Brook
  • Scotch Cove

9. D reels

  • Bonnie Isabel Robertson (James Daniel)
  • John Howat (Hugh Dunlop)

10. C lassic B flat

  • Mrs. Menzies of Culdare (Niel Gow)
  • Welcome Whiskey Back Again (Niel Gow)
  • Captain Keeler

11. B flat hornpipes

  • Gramin (Skinner)
  • Mr. R. Cato

12. Caber Feidh

  • The Haggis (Simon Fraser)
  • Caber Feidh

13.The Iron Man

  • The Iron Man (Skinner)
  • Riddrie
  • Mrs. Douglas of Ednam

14. Capers

  • Tom MacCormack
  • Capers

15. more B flat hornpipes

  • The Firefly
  • The Horn

16. Archie Menzies

  • Archie Menzies (John Lowe)
  • Fisher's

17. Trip to Windsor

  • The St. Kilda Wedding
  • Trip to Windsor (Dan R. MacDonald)

18. Bonnie Kate

  • Mist on the Loch
  • Bonnie Kate

19. Antigonish Polka s

  • Antigonish Polka #1
  • Antigonish Polka #2

20. G hornpipes

  • McDonaugh's
  • Slievman's

21. Crossing to Ireland

  • Crossing to Ireland
  • Rights of Man

22. Stirlingshire Militia

  • Stirlingshire Militia
  • The Green Fields of White Point (by Winston Fitzgerald) 

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