Natalie and Buddy MacMaster

 Back-up Musicians

  • Piano - Betty Lou Beaton
  • Guitar- Dave MacIsaac

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Traditional Music from Cape Breton Island

This a straight-ahead recording of classic Cape Breton fiddle medleys (listed below) played as duets by two of Cape Breton's finest fiddlers.


Sound Clip

King George IV (strathspey), The Old King's Reel


The King's Reel, Miss Lyall


Pet of the Pipers


Devil in the Kitchen /Margaree Reel


Bonnie Nellie (reel)


Buddy's Mother's Jig


Man in Moon


Iona House (Wilfred Gillis) - Buddy's Solo


Ten Pound Fiddle (J.Scott Skinner), Mrs. Smyth of Methven - Natalie's Solo


1.King George Medley - Strathspey & Reels
  • King George the Fourth
  • The Old King's Reel
  • The King's Reel
  • Miss Lyall Reel
  • The Bridge of Bamore

2. Jigs -

  • Pet of the Pipers
  • The Little Pickle (Jos. Lowe)
  • The Rosewood Jig (J. Scott Skinner)
  • The Road To Skye
  • Scotty's Fitzgerald's (Sandy MacIntyre)

3. March & Reels

  • MacKenzie Hay (J. Scott Skinner)
  • Scourdiness (Charles F. Sherritt)
  • Miss Baigrie

4. March, Strathspeys & Reels

  • Welcome to the Trossachs (Wilfred Gillis)
  • Miller O Drone
  • Miss Lyall Strathspey
  • The Devil in the Kitchen
  • The Margaree Reel
  • The Yetts of Muckart (J. Stewart Robertson)
  • Mrs. Margaret MacDonald's Delight
  • The Red Shoes (Dan R. MacDonald)
  • Bonnie Nellie (J. Scott Skinner)

5. Jigs

  • Buddy's Mother's Jig
  • The Soldier's Cloak
  • Come Haste to the Wedding
  • The Inverness Jig (J. D. Kennedy)
  • The Man on the Moon
  • Tipperty Jean (J. Scott Skinner)
  • Miss Campbell's
  • The Dougall Creature

6. Slow Air, Strathspeys & Reels

7. Slow Air, Strathspeys & Reels (Buddy's Solo)

  • Iona House (Wilfred Gillis)
  • Daft Willie Dawson (Joseph Lowe)
  • Willie Fraser's (Donald Angus Beaton)
  • Lady Mary Stopford
  • The Lasses of Stewarton

8. Clogs & Hornpipes

  • The Stage Hornpipe
  • The Tara Brooch
  • Laybourn's Hornpipe
  • Blind Nora O'Neill
  • The Bonny Lass of Fisherrow

9. Jigs

10. Strathspeys & Reels

  • The Warlock (Robert Lowe)
  • Bog an Lochan
  • Flora MacDonald
  • The Nine Point Coggie
  • Malcolm Finlay
  • Johnny Sullivan's

11. Slow Air

  • The Bonnie Lass of Headlake (Gordon MacQuarrie)

12. Jigs

  • Wilfred's Fiddle Jig (Dan R. MacDonald)
  • The Clay Pipe
  • Sandy McGaff
  • The Unfortunate Rake
  • The New Fiddle (Dan R. MacDonald)

13. Hornpipes & Reels (Natalies's Solo)

  • The Bald Headed Bachelor
  • The Sunshine Hornpipe
  • The Ten Pound Fiddle (J. Scott Skinner)
  • Mrs. Smyth of Methven's

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