Puirt a Baroque


Featuring the wonderful fiddling of David Greenberg. Puirt a Baroque (poorst-a-ba-roke) is an ensemble that brings a new and delightful perspective to both Baroque and Scottish-Cape Breton musics.

David is one of the only violinists in the world who convincingly "goes both ways". Many of you will recognize him as a lead violinist for Tafelmusik or as the co-author of The Dungreen Collection (Traditional Celtic Violin Music of Cape Breton), a collaboration with his wife, Kate Dunlay).

Return of the Wanderer, their third CD, adds vocalist Stephanie Conn and cellist Abbey Newton to various selections.

Tune listing.

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Memories of St. Paul Island


Elizabeths's Big Coat


Isla Side Lasses


Return of the Wanderer

1 Joy Go With My Love 2:36

  • Joy Go With My Love jig (trad.);
  • Andrew Carr jig (trad.);
  • Balgeny's Bowling Green jig (Joseph Riddle)

2 The Highland Watch 4:33

  • Kate and David's strathspey (Alauna MacLean);
  • The Highlander's Farewell [A Mhòrag, a bheil thu ann?] strathspey (trad.);
  • Victoria Line reel (Dan Hughie MacEachern);
  • Còta Mór Ealasaid [Elizabeth's Big Coat] reel (trad., 3rd and 4th parts Donald MacLellan)

3 St. Martin's Church Yard (James Oswald) 2:55

4 Return of the Wanderer [Tilleadh an Eilthirich] (Archibald Alexander MacKenzie) 4:47

5 The Nether Bow 1:48

  • The Nether Bow has Vanished strathspey (trad.);
  • Bernard's Well reel (trad.)

6 Johnnie Faa ballad (trad., arr. Francesco Barsanti) 4:50

Mackintosh Sonata (Robert Mackintosh) 7:22

7 Allegro 3:01

8 Largo 2:44

9 Jigg 1:36


10 Logan Water 5:05

  • Logan Braes (trad., lyrics by John Mayne);
  • Logan Water (trad., arr. Francesco Barsanti);
  • Will Ye Lend Me Your Loom Lass marching air (trad., arr. James Oswald) 

11 Tullochgorum 5:33

  • Tullochgorum mouth-music strathspey (trad.);
  • Tullochgorum (trad., lyrics by Rev. John Skinner);
  • Tullochgorum strathspey (trad., variations by J. Scott Skinner);
  • Miss Dundas' Reel (Daniel Dow)

12 Memories of St. Paul Island waltz (Paul Stewart Cranford) 3:56

13 Three Sheep Skins (trad., arr. James Oswald) 1:27

14 The Haughs of Cromdale 4:08

  • The Haughs of Cromdale Jacobite song(trad.);
  • Sid Mar Chaidh an Càl a Dholaidh
  •     [This Is How the Kale Was Ruined] mouth-music strathspey (trad.);
  • The Haughs of Cromdale strathspey (trad.);
  • The Hills of Cromdale reel (trad.);
  • The Mirimichi MacDonalds of Hamilton reel (David Greenberg)

15 Lament for William Chisholm [Cumha Do Dh'Uilleam Siseal] (Christina Fergusson) 3:38

16 The Flowers of the Forest 5:05

  • The Flowers of the Forest air (Skene MS);
  • The Flowers of the Forest air (arr. Robert Bremner);
  • A New Strathspey Reel (James Oswald)
  • Isla Side Lasses reel (Alexander Walker);
  • Good Morrow To Your Night Cap reel (trad.);
  • Honourable Mr. Fraiser of Lovat's reel (Robert Mackintosh)

17 Return of the Wanderer [English version] (Archibald Alexander MacKenzie) 3:24


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