Brenda Stubbert
Endless Memories - ECMA Winner - Trad Album of 2008!!

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Endless Memories is Brenda's 2008 studio album. As always Brenda plays both traditional and original tunes with equal conviction.

Accompaniment is by Howie MacDonald and Dave MacIssac with a guest appearance by Jerry Holland.

Complete track listing

Sound Clip
The Sound of Mull ( trad)
Maggie Cameron ( trad)
My Brother's Letter (Vincent MacLellan)
The MacLellan Trio (Brenda Stubbert)
Rod Alexander (Father Angus Morris

Gabe's Hospitality (Brenda Stubbert)

Many of the tunes can be found in Brenda 2nd Book
Brenda Stubbert- The 2nd Collection

Brenda 1st Book
Brenda Stubbert's Collection of Fiddle Tunes
has been revised to include chords and is now shipping

 Track listing

Track 1 Grand Opening

  • Nelson and Lolly's Jig (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Claire Baxter's Dead Cool Reel (Brenda Stubbert)
  • The Sound of Mull (traditional)

Track 2 - March, strathspey and reels in A

  • Kitchener's Army (G.S. McLennan)
  • Maggie Cameron (trad. pipe tune
  • Brenda Stubbert's Reel (Jerry Holland)
  • Cape Breton Rigs (traditional)

Track 3. Jigs

  • Feet First (Otis Tomas (SOCAN)
  • Lew Taylor (Brenda Stubbert, SOCAN)
  • Scotty's Favourite (traditional)

Track 4 Waltz

  • The Old Southern Waltz

Track 5. March, strathspey and reels in D

  • The Maclellan Trio (Brenda Stubbert, SOCAN)
  • Father Johnn Angus Rankin's Strathspey (Donald Angus Beaton)
  • Lively Steps (Jerry Holland, S0CAN)
  • The Stone Frigate (Pipe Major Donald Carrigan)

Track 6. The Cooked Stovepipe Set

  • The Cooked Stovepipe
  • Poppy Leaf

Track 7. Endless Memories (Brenda Stubbert (SOCAN)

Track 8 Jigs in G

  • Gabes's Hospitality
  • Haddington Assembly
  • Little House Under the Hill (traditional)

Track 9. Tribute to John Morris Rankin

  • The Marchioness of Huntly, strathspey (Wm. Marshall)
  • Christie Campbell, strathspey (traditional)
  • Anthony Murray, strathspey (traditional)
  • King George V, strathspey (traditional)
  • My Brother's Letter (Vincent MacLellan)
  • The Ale is Dear , reel (pipe setting)

Track 10. Jigs in A

  • The Pattern Day (jig, traditional)
  • The Panelmine Jig (John Campbell, SOCAN)
  • How She Got Up in the Morning (jig, traditional)

Track 11. Lonesome Eyes (air by Jerry Holland, SOCAN)

Track 12. Grand Finale

  • Swinging on a Gate (Irish reel)
  • Rod Alexander's Reel (by Father Angus Morris)
  • The Turnpike (traditional reel)

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