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Accompaniment by John Morris Rankin and Dave MacIsaac

A Session with Jerry Holland

Digitally recorded in 1990 this classic album was originally issued as cassette. Three of the twelve cuts appeared on the now out of print Fiddlesticks compilation. Most of the tunes appear in Jerry Holland's Collection of Fiddle Tunes

Selected MP3 sound clips, midi & /or Standard Notation

1. Auld Wife Ayont the Fire, 2. Katie Trotter - key G strathspey & reel (one mp3- two tunes)

Old Faithful - (Jerry Hollland) -key D march (mp3)

Mary Cotter's (Paul Cranford) - A jig (mp3)

Mackenzie's Rant- A minorstrathspey (mp3)

Marry Me Now - 4 part A minor reel (mp3)

Iggie and Squiggie (Jerry Holland) - Key D reel (mp3)

Wha' Can Help It? (aka Bonnie Strathmore, Salute to Boston)

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  • The Old Wife Around the Fire
  • Miss Katie Trotter (Robert MacIntosh )
  • The Dismissal (Sandy MacLean)


  • The Stonehouse Jig (Aubrey Chapman)
  • Malcolm's New Fiddle (Jerry Holland)
  • Meeting John Hartford (Jerry Holland)


  • Morning (Lew Alpaugh)


  • Lady Duff
  • Bonnie Strathmore


  • Old Faithful (Jerry Holland)
  • Emily's (Otis Tomas)
  • Máire O'Keeffe's (Otis Tomas)


  • Beautiful Lake Ainslie (Elmer Briand)
  • Miss Grace Menzies (William Marshall)
  • Mr. Barnard's (Nathaniel Gow)
  • Compliments to Buddy MacMaster (Jerry Holland)


  • Souter Johnny
  • Irvine Steeple
  • Reel O'Corse (Peter Milne)


  • Arthur Muise (Jerry Holland)
  • Little Judique (Buddy at Big Pond)
  • Mary Cotter (Paul S. Cranford)


  • Alex Menzies (Charles Duff)
  • Lad O'Beirne
  • Dublin Porter


  • Memories of Mary Anne MacKenzie (Hector MacKenzie)
  • The Marquis of Huntley's Highland Fling
  • John Morris Rankin (Dougie MacDonald)
  • Iggie and Squiggie (Jerry Holland)


  • MacKenzie's Rant
  • Miss MacKenzie of Gairloch
  • Marry Me Now


  • Maiden's Prayer (Bob Wills)

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