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Brenda was raised in Point Aconi, a small Cape Breton fishing & mining community a few miles from North Sydney and Sydney Mines. The Northside is known for its rich musical traditions. The Stubbert household had regular musical visitors including fiddlers Winston Fitzgerald, Johnny Wilmot, Joe Confiant and many others.
Brenda started young. Surrounded by music, by the time she was five she commenced with dancing and the piano. A short while later, about age eight, she started on the fiddle. Her father, brothers and uncles all played the fiddle. Her father Robert, could be described as an Irish player while her uncle Lauchie played and composed with a Scottish style.

Brenda with her father - late 1970s

With Cape Breton Pianist Doug MacPhee

Although strongly influenced by her family's music, Brenda's style borrows elements from all the great players she has associated with. Her sound is full of trills and other embellishments, yet remains both lively and relaxed.

With Dave MacIsaac and Tracey Dares

With Howie MacDonald and Ashley MacIsaac

With Paul Cranford - working on her book.

With Cheticamp fiddler Arthur Muise

Brenda's music has taken her to Ireland, Scotland, Mexico and hundreds of places around Canada and the US.

She is in constant demand throughout Cape Breton. Her dances are lively and well attended. Her recordings have been well received, and many players have learned her compositions.


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