I found the bowing in Oswald's 4th turn to be awkward so I composed a 4th turn for the 1st edition of CBSC. More recently, I received an alternate 4th turn from David Greenberg (co-author of The DunGreen Collection) which I subsequently rerranged to suit the ending which I had heard played by Alex Francis MacKay’ and published in the 1st edition of The Cape Breton Scottish Collection. Here's what David had to say about the setting:

"... I actually recorded this twice, in two different keys. The first time was on Puirt A Baroque's track Flowers of the Forest (from Return of the Wanderer). I guess I initially agreed with you about the 4th part being awkward on the fiddle, and I transposed it down a 4th to D/Bm. That way the bottom note of the 4th part is an open D string and you can use it like a low drone in high-bass, and it's fun (especially if you hold down the 3rd-finger D on the A string as an additional drone). Then I recorded it more recently with Chris on the track Lord Elcho ... in the original key.

It turns out that it's a perfect key for the flute, and I discovered that if you substitute the G string for the printed 3rd-finger G on the D string, you can do the same thing with treating the bottom note as a high-bass-type drone, this time droning both bottom strings just like in a high-bass tune. I was messing around with harmonies and stuff on the recording with Chris, so I just recorded it solo for you on Garage Band to demonstrate what I'm talking about. It's more comfortable to dip down to the drone only every other beat (and play the e-string G on the alternate ones). And, that 4th part works really well down the octave too. Anyway, my main point is that I think this tune builds through the last two sections, with the string crossings implying drones that just get it all revved up to launch into the reels...."

i. Oswald book 3 (1751) as "A New Strathspey Reel" ii. Gow Vol. 5 (1808) the editors condensed Oswald's 4 turn setting into 2 turns. iii. Alex Francis MacKay, home tapes. iv. David Greenberg, Return of the Wanderer (in D). v. David Greenberg and Chris Norman vi .The Cape Breton Scottish Collection.

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