Jerry Holland Solo, 1988 - Medley includes:
i. Father Eugene's Welcome to Cape North (Mike MacDougall)
ii. Reel of Tulloch (trad), iii. Editor's Favourite (trad)
v. Charms of Whiskey (trad) v. Caber Feidh (pipe setting) vi. Lord MacDonald's (pipe setting)

Footnote given in Jerry Holland's Collection:

One of the most popular reels of all time, Caper Fey, has spawned many different settings, titles and variants. Jerry learned this pipe setting from Mike MacDougall. He also plays the original Scottish, key of C, two turn reel setting.

Modern Scottish pipers generally play it as a four turn strathspey. In Robert Bremner's 2nd Collection (1768), there were also four turns, but in the key of C, with both F natural and F sharp accidentals. The grouping of sixteenth notes in Bremner's variations makes one suspect that this might have been a strathspey.

Over the years the most popular Scottish setting has been as a reel in the key of C (see Skye Collection or Winston Fitzgerald, Classic Cuts)

When Irish pipers adapted it to the scale available on their instrument, it became Rakish Paddy (O'Neill's Music of Ireland, 1903). Also from 20th century Ireland (first published in Allan's Collection by Hugh McDermott), is another 1st cousin, a popular reel in key of G, known as The Copperplate.

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