Jerry's CDs

Crystal Clear (2000)
Totally different solo violin recording

Fiddlers Choice (1998)
with Allan Dewar (piano), Kiaran O'Hare (Irish Pipes), J.P. Cormier (guitar)

Master CB Fiddler (1982)
with Dave MacIsaac (guitar), Hilda Chiasson (piano)

Session With 1990
with John Morris Rankin, Piano

Parlor Music (2005)
with Doug MacPhee, Piano

Helping Hands 2009
With John Doyle. guitar

Jerry and Friends, 2010

Jerry Holland Solo

MP3s encoded from a 1988 cassette recording
(scroll down for tune listing and MP3 links)
Fidelity = 128k allowing streaming for most connections.
(If your connection is slow, or if you wish to save the clip, download the file before playing)

All 34 tunes are now widely played and are notated in Jerry's 1st book.

15 Notation samples given as Screen resolution GIFs

Jerry Holland Solo was the cassette bundled with the first edition of Jerry Holland's Collection of Fiddle Tunes. (The Brown Book, 1988)

Thanks to Jerry's generosity all of the tracks from that cassette are available from the MP3 links below.

It is hoped that by these solo recordings might inspire further interest in Jerry's books, commercial recordings & his legacy.

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Track Listing - Jerry Holland Solo

A1 i. Sugarloaf Schoolhouse (Jerry Holland) ii. The Black Pig (Jerry Holland) - Em reels

A2 i. Janet Beaton (Angus Chisholm) ii. Moving to Belle Cote (Jerry Holland) iii. You're only as Good as your Last Gig (Jerry Holland) - Bb jigs

A3 i. Trips with David (Jerry Holland) ii. The Browns of Dingwall (Jerry Holland) iii. Compliments to Buddy MacMaster (Jerry Holland) - F Strathspeys and reels

A4 i. Farewell to Sticky Buns (Jerry Holland) ii. Angus Chisholm's Favourite (trad) - C reels

A5 i. The Winning Ticket (Paul S. Cranford) ii. Mike's Favourite (Jerry Holland) iii. Baby Brat (Jerry Holland) - G jigs

A6 i. Sean Maguire's Style (Brendan Mulvihill) ii. Brendan Mulvihill's Compliments to Sean Maguire (Brendan Mulvihill) - Bb Hornpipes

A7 i. Fishing with Vic (Jerry Holland) ii. Two Flat Tires (Jerry Holland) - D March and Reel

B1 i. Beautiful Lake Ainslie (Elmer Briand) - F - slow air

B2 i. Reel For Carl (Jerry Holland) - F# minor reel

B3 i. Malcolm's New Fiddle (Jerry Holland) ii. Meeting John Hartford (Jerry Holland) - E major jigs

B4 - Wet Jeans (Jerry Holland) - C reel

B5 i. Dave MacIsaac's Jig (Jerry Holland) ii. Stan Chapman's Jig (Jerry Holland) - A jigs

B6 i. John Allan Cameron's Reel (Jerry Holland) ii. Trip with Joey on Record Day (Jerry Holland) iii. Believe it or Not (Jerry Holland) - D reels

B7 i. The New York Jig (Alex MacEachern) ii. Doug MacPhee's Visit to Belle Cote (Jerry Holland) - C jigs

B8 i. Father Eugene's Welcome to Cape North (Mike MacDougall) ii. Reel of Tulloch (trad), iii. Editor's Favourite (trad) iv. Charms of Whiskey (trad) v. Caber Feidh (pipe setting) vi. Lord MacDonald's (pipe setting) - March, strathspeys and reels in A

Jerry's 2nd Collection

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