Dougie MacDonald: A Miner
produced Jerry Holland and Dougie MacDonald


Dougie was a powerful fiddler and composer who as a young boy got his start on the fiddle from one of Cape Breton 's finest composers, Dan Hughie MacEachern. In addition to playing the fiddle he worked as a miner.


  • Dougie MacDonald: fiddle
  • Jerry Holland ... 2nd fiddle, guitar
  • Guitars: Brian Doyle, J.P. Cormier, Patrick Gillis
  • Pianos Marion Dewar, Allan Dewar, Tracey Dares

Tune listing ...with links to written sources


back in print

Music notation - many of Dougie's tunes are freely available as GIF or abcs.

In addition Dougie's 1993 book remains in print

A Miner: CD listing

1.Strathspeys and Reels

  • Calum Breugach ... Skye
  • Mo Mhairi Mhin Mheall Shuileach ... GIF
  • tradional reel ... GIF
  • The Drummer ... Skye
  • Sandy is My Darling ... GIF

2. Hornpipes and Reel

  • The Firefly ... Winston Book
  • Swiss Cheese (by Dougie MacDonald) abc
  • All the Teas (by Dougie MacDonald) abc

3. Hector the Hero ... The Scottish Violinist, Skinner

4. Jigs

  • Molly's Graduation (by Dougie MacDonald) abc
  • Broad Cove Bride (by Dougie MacDonald) abc
  • Sharron Shannon (by Dougie MacDonald) abc

5. Jigs

  • Teviot Bridge ... Winston Book, Skye
  • Sailor Don (by Dougie MacDonald) abc
  • Merry Memories (by Dougie MacDonald) GIF

6 .March, Strathspeys and Reels

  • Laureen's (by Dougie MacDonald) abc
  • Joe the Mailman (by Dougie MacDonald) abc
  • The Bedding or the Bride ... Simon Fraser
  • traditional reel ... GIF

7 March

  • Marble Hill (by Dougie MacDonald) also GIF

8 Jigs

9. Hornpipes and Reel

10. B minor Reels

11. Jig

  • A Miner (by (by Dougie MacDonald) abc

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