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Each day during the 2011 Celtic Colours International Festival The Barra MacNeils recorded with a different lineup of musicans all of whom were made availble to them by the festival's sponsorship. Although recorded in only 10 days some listeners are already saying this is the Barra's best recording to date!

The album includeds ten tracks, each featuring a different artist or group accompanied by some or all of the Barras who tastefully join in to fill out the arrangements. The Barra's musicianship and professionalism shine throughout and even with so many differing styles, the chemistry and flow works throughout

The material ranges from new original songs to traditional tunes (a few transcriptions are posted below) and as well re-workings of existing standards, including traditional Gaelic material.

The CD has two instrumental sets the rest are song which include instrumenal breaks (some of which are given below). I didn't include sound clips of the singing since I don't like to included partial songs. The singing is however the strong point of this very powerful album.

Titles below

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The J.B. Reel


The Munster Cloak


Ships are Sailing


The Little Cascade



The Celtic Colours Sessions

links to select books and/or transcriptions/soundclips

The material ranges from new original songs to traditional tunes, re-workings of existing standards, including traditional Gaelic material, all buoyed by the collaborative process.


01. An t-Alltan Dubh

Featuring: CiarÁn & Fiona MacGillivray

02. Little Bird

Featuring: Old Man Luedecke

03. The Last Of Callahan Set

Featuring: Bruce Molsky

04. Gone To Canada

Featuring: Ron Hynes

05. Strange Lover Is A Coalmine

Featuring: Archie Fisher & James Keelaghan

06. Amène Le Vent

Featuring: Ron Bourgeois

07. Tarry Flynn

Featuring: The Black Family

sung to the Melody of The Munster Cloak

08. 'S Fliuch an Oidhche/Hé Mandu

Featuring: Catherine-Ann MacPhee

09. As I Roved Out

Featuring: Matt Minglewood

The Break is the first four turns of Litte Cascade a pipe reel by George S. McLennan

10. Tim Edey With The Barra's

Featuring: Tim Edey

Medley of tunes - The Banks of Inverness (polka), Kilravock's Strathspey, Murphy's Reel, The J.B. (by J. Murdoch Henderson), The Fashion which the Lasses Have (Simon Fraser), Ships are Sailing


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