Buddy MacMaster


Joining Buddy on this recording are many of the accompanists he has played with throughout his 60 years fiddling

The Judique Flyer was a steam-driven passenger train that replaced the old stagecoach line running between Inverness and Point Tupper on Cape Breton's west coast. In 1938, a 15 year old Buddy MacMaster boarded The Judique Flyer to return home after playing for his first dance. From that time Buddy's reputation as a fiddler spread up and down the Judique line. Today he is recognized by many as the world's leading exponent of the Cape Breton fiddle style. 

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Compliments to Doug MacPhee (Howie MacDonald


Lord Donne's


Paulette Bissonette (John Campbell)


Wesley Gillis (Kinnon Beaton)


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Remarkably, each of the 14 cuts features a different piano player, including his own daughter Mary Elizabeth, as well as many of the top accompanists in Cape Breton today. The CD booklet researched historical and biographical notes, including archival photographs.



Buddy and Mary Elizabeth

Tune Listing

Donald Angus Beaton Set (Joey Beaton, piano)

  • Dan R's Favourite, strathspey (Donald Angus Beaton)
  • Willie Fraser's, reel (Donald Angus Beaton)
  • Francis Beaton's, reel (Donald Angus Beaton)
  • Dedrrick Beaton's, reel (Donald Angus Beaton)

Alex MacDonnel's Favourite Set (Betty Lou Beaton, piano)

  • Alex MacDonnel's Favourite, jig (Dan R. MacDonald)
  • Queensville Jig (Dan R. MacDonald)
  • The Green Tree jig (Dan R. MacDonald)
  • Gordon Graham's Jig (Dan R. MacDonald)

The Paulette Bissonnette Set (Dave MacIsaac, guitar)

  • Paulette Bissonette, strathspey (John Campbell)
  • A Taste Of Gaelic, reel (Trad)
  • John MacDougall, reel (Trad)

The Lockerbie Lament Set (Doug MacPhee, piano)

  • The Lockerbie Lament (Angus Fitchet)
  • The Sands of Burrafirth, march (Ian Burns)
  • MacKenzie Fraser, reel (J. Scott Skinner)

Duncan Johnstone Set (Mary Elizabeth MacMaster, piano)

Trip to Mabou Ridge Set (Jackie Dunne, piano)

  • Trip to Mabou Ridge, march (Dan Hughie MacEachern)
  • Dan L. Cameron, strathspey (Dan Hughie MacEachern)
  • Snow Plough, reel (Dan Hughie MacEachern)
  • Miss Smith of Methvins, reel (Trad)

Father John Angus Rankin Set (Hilda Chiasson, piano)

  • Father John Angus Rankin, march (Jerry Holland)
  • Trip To Dublin, strathspey (Jerry Holland)
  • Harry Bradshaw's Reel (Jerry Holland)
  • Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome to the Shetlands, reel (Willie Hunter)

The Little Pickle Set (Joel Chiasson, piano)

  • The Little Pickle, jig (J. Lowe)
  • Compliments to the Boys of the Lough, jig (Frank Farrell)
  • The Canadian Club, jig (Frank Ferrell)
  • The Champion Jig (Dan Hughie MacEachern)

E Minor Jigs Set (Mac Morin, piano)

  • The Golden Keyboard, jig (Trad)
  • Swallow Tail Jig (Trad)
  • The Two Mile Bridge, jig (Trad)
  • Champion Jig (Trad)

St. Elmo Clog Set (Marie MacLellan, piano)

  • St. Elmo, clog (Trad)
  • Snowflake, hornpipe (Trad)
  • The Gladstone Reel (J. Scott Skinner)

The Second Star Hornpipe Set (Howie MacDonald, piano)

  • The Second Star Hornpipe (G. Tate)
  • Tom Marsh's Hornpipe (Vincent MacGillivray)
  • Compliments to Doug MacPhee (Howie MacDonald)

Memories of Father Charles MacDonald Set (Maybelle Chisholm, piano)

  • Memories of Father Charles MacDonald, lament (Cameron Chisholm)
  • Peter and Doreen Chiasson, march (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Willie Kennedy's, strathspey (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Homeward Bound, reel (Trad)

Captain O'Kane Set (Tracey Dares, piano)

  • Captain O'Kane, air (Trad)
  • Miss Hutton, strathspey (Trad) (J. Bowie?)
  • Dowd's Favourite, reel (Trad) (J. Bowie?)

Mrs. Ferguson of Reaths Set (Mary Jessie MacDonald, piano)

  • Mrs. Ferguson of Reaths, air (Trad)
  • Lord Donne's Strathspey (Trad)
  • Pigeon on the Gate, reel (Trad)
  • Mrs. Johnson Pitworth, reel (J. Walker)
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