Willie Kennedy - fiddle
Gordon MacLean
- piano

produced by Mark Wilson

Willie Kenndy (1925-2014) was a marvellous old-style player who carried on the traditions of his family, neighbours and friends. Totally an ear player, he was strongly influenced by The Chisholms of Margaree Forks and by Angus Allan Gillis of South West Margaree.


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Traditional Jig (Hartigan's Fancy)


Jenny Pippin


Inganess (Hugh Inkster)


Miss Amelia Stewart, Earl Marishal


Tradition jig (key F)


Tam Bain's Lum

Some tunes composed for Willie include:

Track 1

  • traditional jig (aka Hartigan's Fancy)
  • Angus Chisholm's
  • Down the River
  • Strathlorne Valley Jig, (Neil Archie Beaton)

Track 2

  • Hiawatha
  • Newcastle Hornpipe
  • Lady Charlotte Campbell (Robert MacIntosh)
  • Clear the Track
  • Mary Claire (Jerry Holland, SOCAN, Fiddlesticks Music Publishing)
  • Eugene Stratton (J. Scott Skinner)
  • Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday
  • Miss Menzie of Menzie's (Wm. MacLeish)

Track 3

  • Kitchener's Army (G. S. MacLellan)
  • Devil In the Kitchen (variations arranged J. Scott Skinner)
  • Miss Drummand of Perth (Malcolm MacDonald),
  • Muileann Dubh,
  • Lochiel's Awa' to France
  • MacKinnon's Rant

Track 4

  • Inganess (Hugh Inkster) PRS
  • A Duncan MacQuarrie Strathspey
  • A Dan J. Campbell Strathspey
  • A Johhny Wilmot Strathspey
  • Athole Brose (Abraham MacIntosh)
  • General Stewart
  • Gillis Favourite
  • Francis Beaton's Reel
  • Donald MacGugan's Rant
  • Jenny Pippin
  • Jenny Dang the Weaver
  • Sir David Davidson of Cantry (John Lowe)

Track 5

  • The Wedding Jig (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)
  • The High Bridge (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)
  • Ships are Sailing

Track 6

  • Robert Cormack, Aberdeen (James Henry)
  • Lord Moira (Duncan MacIntyre)
  • Miss Ann Amelia Murray (Duncan MacIntyre)
  • Earl Marishal
  • Cameronian Rant
  • Miss Grant of Grant (Donald Dow)

Track 7

  • Isabell Robertson (James Daniel)
  • John Howatt (Hugh Dunlap)
  • Wycocomagh Bay (Gordon MacQuarrie)
  • Wedderburn House (Abraham MacIntosh)

Track 8

  • Lady Madelina Sinclair (Niel Gow)
  • Maggie Cameron
  • Lucy Campbell
  • MacLaine of Loch Buie
  • Mrs. Smyth of Methven's
  • Red Shoe's (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)

Track 9

  • Untitled Jig
  • Gordon Quigley's Jig (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)
  • The Royal Circus
  • Miss Gordon of Park (William Marshall)
  • Miss Carmichael (William Shepherd)

Track 10

  • Mr. Murray (William Martin)
  • Dusky Meadow (Donald MacLellan)
  • King George the IVth,
  • King George
  • Tom Rae (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)
  • The King's Reel
  • Miss Lyall
  • Sean Maguire's Reel (Bert Murray, PRS)
  • Trip to Windsor (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)
  • Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart
  • John of Badenyon
  • Hamish the Carpenter


Track 11

  • Tam Bain's Lum
  • The Royal Scots
  • Black Bear
  • Tom Kettle's
  • Garmont Smiddy (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)
  • Miss Joan MacDonald (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)
  • The Spey in Spate (J. Scott Skinner)
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