Jerry Holland &endash; fiddle / Hilda Chiasson-Cormier &endash; Piano / John Doyle &endash; Guitar / Cheryl Smith &endash; Snare Drum / Sharon Shannon &endash; Button Accordion / Mary Shannon &endash; Mandolin

Sound Clip comes from Jerry Holland and Friends where it was played as part of the following medley:
Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire (Martin Mulhaire /Mulhaire Music, BMI) / Lucy Campbell (Tradtional) / The Honourable Mrs. Graham of Balgowan (Daniel Dow, PD)  
A famous Irish reel, Lucy Campbell was published in the 18th century as a Scottish strathspey and has been popular both on pipes and fiddler. The Irish setting above gained currency after an influential 78 by Michael Coleman.

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