Full Circle: Classic House Sessions  


From Cape Breton to Boston and Back

Bill Lamey fiddle
Mary Jessie MacDonald, piano (tracks 1-9)
Eddie Irwin, piano (tracks 11-15)
Mary Gracie Muise, piano (track 16)
Lila Hashem, piano (track 17)
Woody Woodman, drums (track 17)
Joe MacLean, second fiddle (track 17)

William (Bill) Lamey (1914-1991) spent most of his adult life in the Boston area. As a young man, before he left Cape Breton, he made a number of 78s which later, in the 70s, were reissued on the Shanachie label. Those recordings were very influential to a whole generation of players, but could only give a taste of the man's great ability on the fiddle... until now.

In 1953, Bill emigrated from Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Boston, Massachusetts, where for the next 30 years he was the primary force in the promotion of Cape Breton music. During that time Bill also made some of the most exciting and intimate "house session" recordings that have become influential through the home tape network. Great care was taken transferring the music from the original reel-to-reels and the sound quality on this CD is excellent. Extensive notes and photographs. Rounder 7032 Track listing


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Major Manson


Mrs. Melville - Dysart


Bachelor's Jig


Dr. Allistair C. MacLaren


The Devil in the Kitchen

The Perrie Werrie

The Forth Bridge


Track Listing
1. Waltz: The Dutchess of Athole's Favourite (Niel Gow)
Strathspey: Dusky Meadow (Donald MacLellan)
Reel: Miss Proud
Reel: Major David Manson (Major Peter MacLeod)

2. Marching Air: Killiecrankie (Thomas O'Connellan)

3. Air: Mrs. Crawford's Favourite (Robert Petrie, arr. Gow)
Air: O'er The Moor Among the Heather
Strathspey: Clach na Cùdain
Reel: Miss Rattray
Reel: Uist Lasses Darling
Reel: Duncan on the Plainstones (J. Scott Skinner)
Loch Glassie

4. Song Air: Sandie Ower the Sea (J. Scott Skinner)
Strathspey: Don Side
Reel: Heather Hill (Dan R. MacDonald)
Reel: The Mourne Mountains
Reel: Sheehan's Reel

5. Reel: The Forth Bridge (Williamson Blyth)
Reel: Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran (George S. MacLennan)
Reel: Jock Wilson's Ball (William MacLennan)
Reel: Sleepy Maggie
Reel: The Forfar Hunt (A. Allan)

6. Jig: Farewell to the Tay (Peter McDonald)
Jig: Walking the Floor (John Chisholm)

7. Jig: Bachelor's Jig
Jig: The Cossy Jigg
Jig: Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be?

8. Air: Caledonia's Wail for Niel Gow Her Favourite Minstrel (Simon Fraser)

9. Reel: Crossing the Minch (Pipe Major Donald MacLeod)

10. Introduction: Herbie MacLeod

11. Air: Inverary Castle
Strathspey: The Corbey and the Pyett (The Burnt Leg)
Strathspey: Struan Robertson's Rant
Reel: Miss Flora MacDonald's
Reel: Mrs. Melville - Dysart (J. Walker)

12. March: Dr. Alistair C. MacLaren (Rod Campbell)
March: Kitchener's Army (George S. MacLennan)
Strathspey: Sandy Cameron, the Athlete (J. Scott Skinner)
Strathspey: Devil In The Kitchen
Reel: Miss Proud
Reel: The Grey Old Lady of Raasay (Iain Dall MacKay)

13. Marching Air: Niel Gow's Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairney (Niel Gow)
Strathspey: Kilravock's
Strathspey: Munlochy Bridge
Strathspey: Don Side
Reel: The Perrie Werrie
Reel: The Flagon
Reel: The Nine Pint Coggie

14. Air: Gloomy Winter's Now Awa'
March/Strathspey: The Waking of the Fauld
Strathspey: Calum Breugach
Strathspey: Miss Lyall
Strathspey: King George IV
Reel: The King's
Reel: Miss Lyall
Reel: Little Donald's Wife

15. Air: Down the Burn Davy Lad
Strathspey: Miss Gordon's - Fochabers (William Marshall)
Strathspey: The Fir Tree (Niel Gow?)
Strathspey: Sir Archibald Dunbar
Strathspey: Kiss the Lass Ye Like Best
Reel: Uist Lasses Darling
Reel: Loch Glassie
Reel: Sir David Davidson of Cantray (John Lowe)

16. Marching Air: Rev. John Rankin of Glendale (Bill Lamey)
Introduction: John Angus Rankin

17. Strathspey: Dusky Meadow (Donald MacLellan)
Reel: Sandy Cameron

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