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Cape Breton
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MacKAFLH-cd Alex Francis MacKay - A Lifelong Home (CD) $19.50

(CD) - Alex Francis MacKay's sound, rich in Gaelic accent, is an expression of another time. It is truly unique in the world of fiddle music. 

He began playing the fiddle at an early age and because the MacKay family home was a regular stopping point for musicians he met and learnt from many of Cape Breton's finest players. Of the visiting musicians, those who made the most lasting impressions on Alex Francis were fiddler-composers Dan R. MacDonald (Alex's first cousin), Dan Hughie MacEachern and Gordon MacQuarrie

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BMCA-cd Barra MacNeils - The Christmas Album (CD) $19.50

(CD) - Come and celebrate the joys and peace of Christmas, Cape Breton style, with the Barra MacNeil Family. Inspired and poignant renditions of the favourites.

Once in Royal David's City and O' Holy Night are set beside jolly and spirited tunes, hymns and songs including a Galician Carol and a fiddle party in Washabuck, the MacNeil's parent's home place. One is left in the glow of the good fellowship that only a close family can generate. A Christmas CD so good you can listen to it any time of year.

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SBCBP-cd Barry Shears - A Cape Breton Piper (CD) $19.50

(CD) - Originally trained and subsequently successful in the world of competition piping, these days Barry would prefer to play for dancers. 

On this new recording, Barry plays with a lift suitable for square sets. The tunes are found in his books, arranged complete with pipe gracings

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SBJT-cd Brenda Stubbert - In Jig Time (CD) $19.50

(CD) - In Jig Time is Brenda's most recent CD. Accompanied by a host of musicians she play both traditional and original tunes with equal conviction. 

Many of the tunes can be found in Brenda Stubbert's Collection of Fiddle tunes Book.

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MacMBJFly-cd Buddy MacMaster - The Judique Flyer (CD) $19.50

(CD) - The Judique Flyer was a steam-driven passenger train that replaced the old stagecoach line running between Inverness and Point Tupper on Cape Breton's west coast. 

In 1938, a 15 year old Buddy MacMaster boarded The Judique Flyer to return home after playing for his first dance. From that time Buddy's reputation as a fiddler spread up and down the Judique line. Today he is recognized as the world's leading exponent of the Cape Breton fiddle style.

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GDTUD-cd David Greenberg and Doug MacPhee -Tunes Until Dawn (CD) $19.50

(CD) - Tunes Until Dawn gives you a taste of the very traditional side of this versatile and emotional musician. The older repertoire pays hommage to many of David's musical idols, especially Mary MacDonald and Donald MacLellan. 

To round off the session David performs an number of his own compositions, some of which are already becoming part of the local repertoire

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HJCC-cd Jerry Holland - Crystal Clear (CD) $19.50

(CD) - On this new recording, Jerry plays unaccompanied, his fiddle sparkling with Crystal Clear presence. All the mysterious qualities of his tone and dynamics are revealed with startling resolution and depth. Crystal Clear intimately captures the essence of the sound of one of the world's foremost Celtic fiddlers and composers.

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HJFC-cd Jerry Holland - Fiddler's Choice (CD) $19.50

(CD) - A delightful mix of old and new music put together in medleys as only Jerry can. Thirty one of the tunes are notated in Jerry Holland: The Second Collection. The other melodies are all referenced to books we sell

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HJMCBF-cd Jerry Holland - Master Cape Breton Fiddler (CD) $19.50
To many this is Jerry's classic recording. Recorded in 1982 it set a new standard for both the fiddle and its accompaniment.
MacLJOSF-cd Joe MacLean - Oldtime Scottish Fiddle Music (CD) $19.50

(CD) - In the '50s and '60s Joe MacLean made a number of influential recordings. This new CD, Old Time Scottish Fiddle Music from Cape Breton Island was recorded in 1977, but has only recently been released.

As with all of Joe's recordings, the repertoire is inspiring; a high percentage of seldom heard tunes, mostly interpreted from old Scottish books.

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