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CCC2000-cd Celtic Colours Ceilidh 2000 (CD) $19.50

(CD) -- Ceilidh 2000 is the millennium edition of the Celtic Colours compilation CD, featuring many of the artists from the Celtic Colours 2000 International Festival held on Cape Breton Island in October 2000.

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TDR-cs Cassette Sale - A Tribute To Dan R. $6.00

(90 Min. Cassette) - 21 Cape Bretoners playing tunes from The Heather Hill Collection. Recording in 1989 as a companion to the Heather Hill book, this is the only place you'll find many of these tunes.

With the exception of one cut of solo piping all of this music is performed on unaccompanied violin..

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SFC-cd The Simon Fraser Collection (CD) $14.95

(CD) - In the early '80s, Captain Simon Fraser's famous 1816 Collection, The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles was reproduced in Cape Breton. At that time, a three hour recording was issued. Subsequently, this rekindled some interest in the music. This CD has been recompiled from those 1982 sessions.

Sound Clips & More Info

The Simon Fraser Collection Tune Book

HCB The Heart of Cape Breton $19.50

A compilation of live recordings by some of Cape Breton most popular dance players.

Includes Buddy MacMaster, Jackie Dunn, Jerry Holland, Brenda Stubbert, Kinnon Beaton and Wendy MacIsaac.

CC2005-cd Celtic Colours Vol 9 - 2005 - Double CD set $25.00
Celtic Colours Vol. 9 (2 CDs - 2005)

Blazin' Fiddles, Le Vent du Nord, Kimberly Fraser, Fin Moore, Allie Bennett, Cathie Ryan, Jennifer Roland, Mahers Bars, Jeff MacDonald, Carl MacKenzie, Karen & Helene, The Cottars, Dave Gunning, Joe Derrane and The Boston Edge, Glenn Graham, The Brock McGuire Band, Mary Jane Lamond, Katheryn Tickell Band, Tracey Dares, Liz Doherty, Ryan J. MacNeil, David Francey, Dougie MacDonald, Andrew White, J.P. Cormier, Rona Lightfoot, Buddy MacMaster, Old Blind Dogs, Weldon Boudreau, Howie MacDonald

CC2004-cd Celtic Colours Vol. 8 $19.50
Celtic Colours Vol. 8 (2004)

Dochas, Haugaard & Hoirup, Raylene Rankin, The Barra MacNeils, Christine Primrose & Brian Ó hEadra, Pipeline, Gordie Sampson, Harem Scarem, Troy MacGillivray, Joe & J.P. Cormier, Le Vent du Nord, Andrea Beaton, Rita MacNeil, Bruce Molsky, Jeff MacDonald, Crasdant, Dougie MacLean, Beòlach

CC2003-cd Celtic Colours Vol. 7 $19.50
Celtic Colours Vol.7 (2003)

Lunasa, Brenda Stubbert, Mary Jane Lamond, The McDades, The Kane Sisters,Mac Morin,John Doyle, John Campbell, Flook, David Greenberg & Ferrintosh, Donnie Murdo MacLeod, Bohola, Wendy MacIsaac, Christine Balfa & Dirk Powell, Mairi MacInnis, Natalie MacMaster

CC2002-cd Celtic Colours Vol 6 - The Colours of Cape Breton $19.50
The Colours of Cape Breton (2002)

Phil Cunningham, Liz Carroll, Jerry Holland, The Rankins, Daniel Lapp, The Barra MacNeils, Andre Marchand, Margaret Bennett, Joe Derrane & Frankie Gavin, Dave MacIsaac, Joe Peter MacLean, Fine Friday, Shawn MacDonald, Colin Watson, Carlos Nunas, John MacLean Cucanandy, Alison Brown, Sharon Shannon

CC2001-cd Celtic Colours Vol. 5 - The Routes of the World $19.50
The Routes of the World (2001)

Susana Seivane, Mary Jane Lamond, Danú, Haugaard & Hoirup, Maybelle Chisholm,Tony McManus, Patricia Murray, Liz Doherty, Howie MacDonald, J.P. Cormier, Chris Norman, Cameron Chisholm, Paul Cranford, Beòlach, Cliar, Suroit, Phil Cunningham, Cape Breton Fiddlers' Assoc.

CCB-cd Celtic Colours Bundle- years 2000- 2005 $88.00
Celtic Colours CDs
6 Years Set - 7 cds

Each year a compilation CD featuring twenty or so of the performing artists has been produced for the festival. Years 2000 - 2005 available as a bundle. (2005 is a double CD set)

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