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mcNBFJ-cd Brian McNamara - Fort of the Jewels $19.95

On Fort of the Jewels Brian McNamara's playing reaches new heights of technique and expression, assuring his place as one of Ireland's premier Uilleann Pipers. He is joined on a couple of tracks by piper Benedict Koehler and on others by harpist Grainne Hambley.

DJMBB-cd Joe Derrane - The Man Behind the Box $19.50

Joe's technical mastery of the accordion is undisputed. This CD was recorded in 2004 with guitar and mandolin accompaniment by fellow Boston musician John McGann. It tells the story of his amazing come-back. In his mid '70s but still at the top of his game, his new recording contains lots of rare tunes, old chestnuts and unique settings of classic older Irish dance music. I just discovered a box of this CD in our warehouse and so we are able to offer it to you at this special price.

SGHS-cd The Hebredian Suite - Glenn Soulis $19.50
An interesting collection of little known slower Gaelic Airs and Celtic melodies tastefully arranged for whistle, fiddle etc. Glenn is a multi instrumentalist from Waterloo, Ontario.
KJFB-cd The Fairy Bridges, Josephine Keegan - CD $19.95

Josephine Keegan is a wonderful Irish fiddler and piano player. A native of Armagh, Northern Ireland many remember her for her 1970s solo LPs and for her performances with the late Sean Maguire of Belfast. The Fairy Bridges, is her latest fiddle CD. Some of the tunes are found in her new book, The Keegan Tunes Vol. Tune 2.

KLC-CD Laoise Kelly - Ceis $19.50

Laoise is an amazing harpist - much loved at the Celtic Colours Festivals. This is her newest release (2010)

McNBRO-CD Brian McNamara and Tim Collins - Reed Only - CD $19.50

Brian is one of the most articulate Irish pipers currently recording. On this beautiful recording the pipes and concertina often blend into one.

FBB-JMPK-cd From Ballymote to Brooklyn - James Morrison and Paddy Killoran $19.50
Next to Michael Coleman, Morrison and Killoran were two of the most influential Irish fiddlers to record during the 78 era. This compilation includes 24 tracks recorded in New York during the 1920s and 30s.

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